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Chief’s Corner

heart and vascular - Image of Dr. James Gammie

I may be preaching to the choir here, but Johns Hopkins is an extraordinary place … and I am very pleased be here.

I was recruited to Johns Hopkins to serve as the surgical co-director of the Heart and Vascular Institute, working side by side with my clinical co-director and Chief of Cardiology, Dr. Charlie Lowenstein, I arrived this past April and I have spent the last seven months absorbing the rich history, culture, and community of this medical institution. What drew me to Hopkins was, hands down, the people. I wanted to work in an environment where my colleagues drive me to imagine more, risk more, and do more…to be a better doctor and surgeon. I have not been disappointed. I leave this hospital every day, more impressed with the strength and depth of talent in the divisions of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery than I was the day before.

The Heart and Vascular Institute is now more than just a name on our letterhead. We are transforming care from a traditional model, where care is delivered from disparate academic departments, to a seamless model that is entirely focused on the holistic treatment and experience of the patient with heart disease. A core pillar of the Institute is the development and growth of multidisciplinary teams. We are laser focused on growth of HVI and the “virtuous cycle” of teams of cardiovascular specialists that are dedicated to caring for patients with specific types of heart disease - together.

I am at Hopkins because of people like you – people who may come to us for help but a who offer their support to us in return. Thank you for your decision to join us on our journey, as our patients, donors, and advocates.

With Gratitude,

James Gammie, M.D.
James T. Dresher, Sr. Professor in Cardiac Surgery


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