Sandra B. Nichols, M.D., FAAFP, MHCDS, M.S., Joins the Cardiovascular Advisory Board

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The Heart and Vascular Institute is delighted to announce the addition of Dr. Sandra Nichols, Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer of Health Inclusion & Community Engagement at UnitedHealth Group, as the newest member of our Cardiovascular Advisory Board. We welcome Dr. Nichols and her expertise in public health, community engagement, and healthcare administration to our team. She is a highly sought-after physician and thought leader in the healthcare industry, with over three decades of visionary service and a proven track record of driving innovation, improving patient outcomes, and optimizing operations. Dr. Nichols successfully demonstrates exceptional leadership skills in medical education, and executive management. She’s passionate about health transformation and is committed to addressing unwarranted variation in health care, focusing on social determinants of health, promoting health equity, and enhancing the health and wellness of all populations, particularly marginalized groups.

In addition to these commitments, Dr. Nichols is setting the agenda for the future as the Chairwoman for National Medical Fellowships, where she’s creating educational opportunities for students underrepresented in the medical field and making reformative change on the path to diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, she holds the position of Chair Elective at the Association of Public Health Officers Alumni.

Dr. Nichols' contributions extend beyond her medical experience as a former public health officer. She has a personal connection to the field of cardiovascular health. As a cardiac patient at Johns Hopkins Hospital, she has experienced firsthand the detrimental effects of stress on cardiac health and the crucial role that access to quality healthcare plays in saving lives. Dr. Nichols underwent a successful heart transplant following a severe heart attack in 2019. Her personal journey is a powerful testament to the importance of prioritizing cardiac health and underscores her dedication to improving healthcare outcomes for all patients.

Learn more about Dr. Nichols' story in this clip from the CBS Evening News with Nora O’Donnell featuring women's cardiac specialist Dr. Anum Minhus.