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Focusing on Our Fellows

Image of Drs. Charles Lowenstein and James Gammie

This time of year, the hallways of Johns Hopkins Hospital are peppered with clusters of men and women in dark suits and nametags, trooping along behind a tour guide downloading on Johns Hopkins history. These are our future residents and fellows in-the-making, each with a drive to complete their academic journeys at Johns Hopkins and depart armed for a long-term career as a cardiovascular specialist.

The Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute is dedicated to providing exceptional academic training for talented, curious surgeons and physicians who will become future leaders in our fields.  We carefully select applicants with proven track records, exceptional determination, insatiable curiosity, and a natural ability to treat patients with empathy and expertise.

Our post-graduate training programs are hard-wired into our mission. Our trainees are interwoven into the fabric of our patient care. If you have ever spent time on one of our inpatient floors, no doubt you have been a beneficiary of their attention on overnight shifts… or entertained a visit from them during morning rounds. They staff our clinics, operate side by side with our surgeons, drive discovery, and keep more seasoned practitioners like us on our toes. They are our future.

This year’s Pulse highlights donors who have made a decision to lend tangible encouragement to our trainees and junior faculty. This is one-on-one philanthropy at its best, pairing donors with doctors; underwriting the costs of the final years of academic training that define them as a cardiologist or cardiac surgeon. Each of these individuals has a personal story that lies behind their decision to give – stories that are worthy of sharing. We hope you agree.

Interested in learning more about how to support our trainees? Contact us at [email protected] or 410-907-5010.

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Charles Lowenstein, MD
Co-Director, Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute
Chief, Division of Cardiology
Michel Mirowski, M.D. Professor in Cardiology

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James Gammie, MD
Co-Director, Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute
Cardiac Surgeon-in-Chief, Johns Hopkins Health System 
James T. Dresher, Sr. Professor of Cardiac Surgery


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