Chiefs' Corner

A Message from the Co-Directors of the Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute 

Image of Drs. Charles Lowenstein and James GammieDr. Charles Lowenstein, Michel Mirowski, M.D. Professor of Cardiology (left) and Dr. James Gammie, James T. Dresher, Sr. Professor in Cardiac Surgery (right)

Consider this: Heart disease remains the #1 cause of death in the United States. Not cancer. Not Alzheimer’s. Not stroke.  

As the co-directors of the Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute (HVI), our vision is to cure heart disease through change — positive, lasting, sweeping changes to how we practice medicine. Our faculty and staff members are in constant pursuit of a singular goal: to provide the right care for the right patient at the right time and place. Nothing less will do.   

Here at the HVI, we organize our cardiovascular disease care model around collaborative multidisciplinary teams — teams in which cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, advanced practitioners, anesthesiologists and others work hand in glove with experts in engineering, statistics, digital technology and other fields to personalize how we diagnose and treat our patients. This kind of clinical creativity, when combined with the impressive discoveries of our basic scientists, comprises an exciting “think tank” of innovators and ideas based right here at Johns Hopkins — ideas that will lead to progress against a formidable disease. 

We want to thank you for trusting your care to us — we do not take this responsibility lightly. Our added thanks go out to those of you who have directed a charitable contribution to our physicians, programs and research. We received over 1,100 gifts last year, and we are grateful for every single one. Progress is possible, thanks to people like you who are personally invested in the future of cardiovascular care.

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