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Research Faculty


Cha, Boyoung, Ph.D.

Special Interests: Cellular Physiology & Molecular Dynamics


Chen, Tian, Ph.D.

Lisa Datta

Datta, Lisa, M.S.

Special Interests: Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis


Fu, Ya-Yuan, Ph.D.

Special Interests: Enteric nervous system-physiology and regeneration, remodeling of enteric neurovascular complex in inflammatory condition

Susan Huftless

Hutfless, Susan, Ph.D.

Special Interests: Inflammatory bowel disease


Olga Kovbasnjuk

Kovbasnjuk, Olga, Ph.D.

Special Interests: Epithelial physiology, fluorescence microscopy (confocal and multiphoton), Shiga toxin-related pathology of intestinal epithelium, metastases of colon cancer.

lienshen liu

Liu, Liansheng, M.D.

Special Interest: Visceral hyperalgesia


Murtazina, Rakhilya, Ph.D.

Rafiquel Sarker

Sarker, Rafiquel, Ph.D.

Special Interests: Mechanism of Sodium Proton Exchanger 3 (NHE3) regulation in epithelial cells, RNAi and proteomics to identify proteins involved and their role in NHE3 regulation under basal and pathophysiological conditions

Varsha Singh

Singh, Varsha, Ph.D.

Special Interests: Intestinal ion transport, cellular physiology, membrane trafficking


Zhu, Youhui, Ph.D.

Special Interests: Neurogastromotility, motility disorder and visceral pain in translational research