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Colon Cancer Risk Assessment Clinic

Colon Cancer Risk Assessment Clinic: Johns Hopkins’ Unique Approach 

Johns Hopkins’ Colon Cancer Risk Assessment Clinic is specially designed to evaluate patients who have a family history that indicates an increased risk of colon cancer. At many hospitals, you would need to meet separately with a gastroenterologist for diagnosis, and then a genetic counselor if you choose genetic testing.

When you come for an appointment at our clinic, you meet with both an expert gastroenterologist and a genetic counselor at the same time. We are one of only a handful of clinics across the country offering this convenient, patient-centered medical care.

During your appointment, we will evaluate you from both a medical and genetic standpoint. Your appointment will include:

  • Education about different genetic conditions
  • Recommendations about disease prevention
  • Screening recommendations based on your personal and family history
  • How to best manage your condition
  • Genetic testing, if appropriate, to confirm whether you have a genetic disease

You will also receive:

  • Pamphlets you can take home and review at your convenience
  • Educational resources, such as websites and support groups
  • Information about research projects and clinical trials that may benefit you

To make an appointment with a member of the Johns Hopkins medical team or speak with someone at the Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Service, call 410-502-7082.

Colon Cancer Risk Assessment Clinic: Your Appointment

Your appointment at our clinic can last up to an hour and a half, during which you have the full attention and expertise of your gastroenterologist and genetic counselor. After the appointment, we will give you a letter that reviews your appointment and any recommendations you received. You can give this letter to your referring doctor as well as to family members who may be affected.

Genetic testing is a delicate procedure. At Hopkins, you can rest assured that you are in expert hands. Our experienced genetic counselors are at the forefront of research in this field and can handle your needs, including knowing which family members should be tested and helping you with any insurance issues.