Colorectal Cancer Screening Clinic

If caught early, colorectal cancer can often be successfully treated. The Colorectal Cancer Screening Clinic at Johns Hopkins aims to help with colorectal cancer prevention and early diagnosis by:

  • Providing screening tests and procedures to detect cancer, polyps, lesions and other conditions that may develop into cancer.
  • Offering care at several convenient locations in Maryland and Washington, D.C.
  • Working closely with your referring physician to communicate findings and coordinate care.

Screening Procedures We Offer

Colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy are two of the most effective ways to screen for colorectal cancer. They allow for a close look at the lining of the colon. Learn more about these procedures in our Health section.
If you are looking for virtual colonoscopy, digital rectal exam or other non-endoscopic procedures, please work with your primary care provider to schedule them.

For Referring Physicians

To expedite patient care, we offer direct access endoscopy for referring physicians, allowing you to schedule standard diagnostic endoscopic procedures for colorectal cancer without consultations. Within three weeks after your patient’s appointment, you will receive a written report of all procedures and biopsies conducted and further surveillance recommendations.
The clinic welcomes new patients and can schedule immediate appointments.

Direct Access Endoscopy

Call 443-997-0286 for direct access endoscopy appointments for patients who need colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening due to age or family history, and for those who are not at high risk and have no symptoms that require a consultation.

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Clinic Consultations

Call 410-933-7495 for clinic appointments for patients who need a consultation for gastrointestinal symptoms to make sure the appropriate test is ordered after an evaluation.

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Care Locations

All of our care locations offer both consultation appointments and endoscopy procedures.