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Minutes: March 21, 2012


                                               408th  MEETING OF THE MEDICAL SCHOOL COUNCIL

                                                                 3 p.m., Wednesday, March 21, 2012

                                                 School of Medicine Administration, Board Room 103


PRESENT: Drs. Ahn, Akpek, Barker, Bienvenu, Chanmugam, Claypool, Comfort, Crino, Dlhosh, Gonzalez-Fernandez, J. Green, James Herman, Ishii, Keefer, Matunis, Molinaro, Nyhan, Poynton, Shuler, Solomon, Taverna, Tufaro, Mr. Rini and Ms. Foy

 ABSENT: Drs. Ahuja, Barone, Carroll, Fine, Gottesman, R. Green, Joseph Herman, Pavlovich, Puttgen, Resar, Tan, Tis, Wade, Williams, Wolfgang, Zachara, Messrs. Johnson, Mandell, Ms. Matthys

 GUESTS: Drs. Clements, Dillon Jones, Mss. Campbell, Gottlieb, and Smith

 I.  Minutes

 The minutes of the February 8, 2012 meeting were approved.


II. Gold Book Follow-up Discussion – Dr. Clements

                Dr. Clements addressed two areas of interest to the Council: 1) proposed Gold Book changes, and 2) the new Surgery compensation plan.

 Gold Book Changes

                A number of modifications recommended by the Dean’s Office and legal counsel were submitted to the Medical School Council in January.  A subcommittee was formed to review the recommendations as MSC approval is required before changes can be implemented.  Dr. Poynton, speaking on behalf of the subcommittee indentified the following topics as requiring further clarification or consideration for inclusion in the document:

                Guest Faculty- Document should state Guest Faculty do not hold rank, are generally appointed for three months or less, and are not the same as Visiting Faculty that do hold rank.

                Limited Full Time- Status should be defined in terms of hours worked (equivalent of 75% full time) and not be tied to eligibility for University benefits.

                Document should clarify use of Visiting, Adjunct, Part-Time, and Pending appointments.  Equal descriptions of each category should be included.

                A section addressing the recently approved (PAR) to the titles Professor and Associate Professor should be included.  This modifier recognizes that the newly recruited faculty is Pending Appointment Review by the appropriate promotions committee.

                Consideration to lengthening the notice of non-renewal for Research Associates proportional to time in rank was suggested.

                Leave of Absence Section

                Medical Leave- Document should be specific that under the School’s Family and Medical Leave Policy that same-sex domestic partners are included in family definition.

                The statement that Family and Medical Leave runs concurrently with paid leave granted by the School requires further clarification.  A suggestion was made that legal counsel review for clarity.

                Reference should be made to website that contains medical leave, personal leave, and professional leave policies as well as to the University Benefits website that addresses benefits available in each category of leave.

                Personal Leave-Statement should be modified to indicate personal leave may not exceed one year in duration at any one time.

                Benefits – When addressing University benefits the document should be specific in noting benefits as determined by the Johns Hopkins University Benefits Office.


               Surgery Compensation Plan

                Dr. Clements, in responding to questions raised at a previous Council meeting, reported the Department of Surgery, over a two year period, developed a new compensation plan that would reward faculty for more than clinical practice.   There was concern among some faculty that their Gold Book rights were being taken away.  Dr. Clements reported the plan is voluntary and when salary needs to be reduced it cannot exceed 20% per year.  She suggested that a Surgery representative be invited to a MSC meeting to describe the plan and the process the department followed in implementation.  It was noted that Neurology recently implemented a new compensation plan.  Some senior faculty opted out.  Junior faculty who participated received salary increases.

                Dr. Fivush, Chair of the Joint Oversight Committee, commented departmental compensation plans must be clear and easily understood by faculty.

                Dr. Ishii thanked Dr. Clements for her participation.


III. Chair’s Report- Dr. Ishii

                Dean/CEO-elect Rothman will meet with the Council in April.  Dr. Ishii asked members to contact her with discussion points to submit to Dr. Rothman in advance of the meeting.

                The Charter Subcommittee continues to meet and will report in May.

                The Welch Library Committee has met several times since December and is considering alternative uses for the Welch Building.  Much of the discussion has been on developing a collaborative learning center.  Dr. Ishii asked for Council input.

                The benefits website has been updated with changes recommended by the University-Wide Benefits Committee.  Health care expenses continue to drive increases in the benefit plans.  The proposed changes increase health care contributions based on salary level for staff above a certain threshold.


IV.  Conflict of Interest- Ms. Julie Gottlieb, Associate Dean, Policy Coordination 

                The School of Medicine has had Conflict of Interest policies since 1991.  Some ten years ago policies relating to financial interests in human subject research were revised.  Effective August 2012 there are new Public Health Service (PHS) regulations and in 2013 the Sunshine Act will require drug and device industry payments to faculty and hospitals to be made public.

                The new regulations cover all investigators who participate in PHS supported grants and contracts.  The University, in order to comply, has revised its Conflict of Interest policy and each division is developing revisions to policies on disclosure and professional commitment.  A new electronic disclosure system is being developed to support compliance and minimize faculty burden.

                Changes to the regulations include an expansion of disclosure requirements, lower financial thresholds, disclosure of income from non-profit organizations and disclosure of reimbursed travel related to institutional responsibilities, onerous requirements for late disclosure/review, conflict of interest training requirement every four years and public reporting of COIs with PHS funded research.

                Ms Gottlieb reviewed the areas requiring disclosure and provided examples of what needs to be disclosed.  Slides of her presentation will be distributed to the Medical School Council.  Ms. Gottlieb offered to meet with departments to review the new requirements.

                An online disclosure system is being developed that will provide a user-friendly format to assist users in the reporting process.

                Ms. Gottlieb responded to several questions.  Dr. Ishii thanked her for her presentation.


V.  EPIC Update- Michelle Campbell, Director, Practice Management Operations   

                Ms. Campbell updated the Council on progress of the EPIC implementation.  She addressed the JHM guiding principles informing the process and provided an implementation timeline sequence.  A list of selected EPIC users was provided which include many peer institutions.  The EPIC governance structure was presented and the decision making process was addressed. 

                The physician and nursing and allied health workgroups were indentified and the leadership of each group noted.  Ms. Campbell reported the EPIC web portal will be available soon.  Slides from today’s presentation will be circulated to the MSC. 

                Dr. Ishii thanked Ms. Campbell for her presentation.

 VI. Other Business 


               There being no further business this meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.


                                                                                                         Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                                         Mary E. Foy




Future Medical School Council meetings:

All meetings will be held in the School of Medicine Board Room (SOM 103), 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.


April 11, 2012

May 9, 2012

June 20, 2012