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Minutes: January 17, 2007

3 p.m., Wednesday, January 17, 2007
School of Medicine Administration, Board Room 103

PRESENT: Drs. Bluemke, Brayton, Choi, Dagnelie, Holcroft, Honeycutt, Lehmann, Maragakis, McCarthy, Mears, Pidcock, Schramm, Sterni, Yaster, Zellars, Zhu, Mr. Pirruccello, Mss. Foy and Sandone.

ABSENT: Drs. Aucott, Bergles, Bhatti, Caterina, Chan, Cormack, DeLeon, Denmeade, Efron, Flynn, Geller, Gultekin, Huang, Iacobuzio-Donahue, Kravet, Liu, Lorsch, MacDonald, Magaziner, Mooney, Peters, Robinson, Roper, Schulick, Siberry, Tompkins, Tufaro, Walker, Wang, Whitmore, Woolf, Messrs. Kobayahsi, Prucz, Rais-Bahrami, and Watkins, Ms. Cohen.

GUESTS:   Dr. McMillan, Mr. Levitan, Ms. Heiser.

I.  Minutes

The minutes of the December 13, 2006 meetings were approved with the following modifications:

Section III:

1) Delete Advisory Board representation on the Joint Oversight Committee and replace with Faculty Development and Gender Committee representation.

2) Sexual harassment training will be completed by January 2007, not June 2007

3) Promotion rates will be monitored, not are being monitored

II. Residents’ Duty Hours – Dr. Julia McMillan, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

                Dr. McMillan was invited to address the Medical School Council following a concern expressed at the December meeting regarding work hours of Emergency Medicine residents rotating to Internal Medicine. 

                Dr. McMillan outlined the ACGME duty hour requirements that were instituted in July 2003 noting some programs such as Emergency Medicine, which work on a shift schedule, have been able to adjust to the duty hour requirements easier than some programs where there are longitudinal care issues.

                Dr. McMillan outlined the July 2003 situation in which an Emergency Medicine resident contacted the ACGME to report an hours violation.  This resulted in an urgent RRC site-visit as well as an outside hours audit of every program which gave the institution a clean report.  Between fall 2003 and now other RRC’s have had concerns regarding adherence to work hour rules. 

                Dr. McMillan reported Internal Medicine has worked very hard to follow duty hour rules and a follow-up outside audit this fall indicated fewer violations.  The program is more compliant now than in the recent past. 

                A recent Graduate Medical Education Committee review of the Emergency Medicine program indicated some Emergency Medicine residents feel the work hours on their Internal Medicine rotations exceed ACGME requirements.  There appears to be uncertainty over what activities are allowed between the 24th and 30th hour of the shift.  Dr. McMillan stated new patients should not be accepted during that six hour window.  The Department of Medicine has tried many strategies and have asked the hospital for additional resources to relieve residents of non-physician duties.

                Dr. McMillan concluded by noting it is the goal of every program to be in 100% compliance.  She has encouraged program directors to be creative in their approach and to seek additional hospital resources, if necessary, to accomplish 100% compliance.

                In responding to questions, Dr. McMillan 1) encouraged departments to seek additional resources if justified; 2) encouraged internal reporting of violations; 3) noted a cultural change is required if we are to be fully compliant and this must start with department leadership.

III. Biotech Park Plans- Mr. Scott Levitan, Forest City Development Group

                Mr. Levitan presented an update on the plans for the Biotech Park.  This project is a partnership of the City, East Baltimore Development Inc., Forest City Development Group, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which will support the housing component of the project.  There are some 80 acres included in the project; the first 30 acres are in phase one, which is bounded by Broadway, Chase, Washington, and Madison Streets.  The first life sciences building is under construction at 855 N. Wolfe Street and will open in Spring 2008.  The School of Medicine has leased 100,000 sq/ft for IBBS activities.   Discussions are underway to lease the remaining 160,000 sq/ft of space in the 855 N. Wolfe Street building for both scientific and retail activities.  The initial housing component is under construction with over 900 residences being built using three pricing structures (one third each); “affordable”, “workforce”, and “market priced”. 

                The housing communities (Eager to Chase Streets) will consist of 900 new residencies and will be built around a network of open spaces.  Phase one will consist of approximately 200 new and rehabbed residences.

                Graduate student housing is being planned for an area on Wolfe Street, north of Ashland Avenue.  An adjacent parking structure is planned on Washington Street north of Ashland Avenue, provided public funding is obtained.

                 A second life science building is being planned for the west side of Wolfe Street between Madison and Ashland Avenue, opposite the 855 N. Wolfe Street Building.

                There will be an incubation site in the project run jointly by EBDI and JHMI.  Venture capital money is being sought for this initiative.  There have been preliminary discussions to extend the subway to the Amtrack line and to build a MARC station on the north boundary of the project. 

                A new K-8 school is planned that hopefully will be a feeder school to the Dunbar High science program.

                In response to questions, the following topics were addressed:

                     Retail will be included in the project to support residential and student housing.

                     Security is a top priority and has been addressed in the planning process.

Hotel space is not included in phase one, but phase two has a site should it be determined that a hotel would be financially feasible.

Elderly housing is included and the first units will be completed in 2008.

Public transportation issues are being addressed.

Dr. Sterni called attention to the current lack of affordable child care and asked that consideration be given to providing additional child care services, at all levels, for the anticipated growth in student, faculty, employee, and resident numbers.

Dr. Sterni thanked Mr. Levitan for his presentation and informed the council that Mr. Levitan is available to make similar presentations at faculty meetings.


IV. Other Business

There being no further business this meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                                Mary E. Foy


Future Medical School Council meetings:

All meetings will be held in the School of Medicine Board Room (SOM 103), 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

March 21, 2007

April 18, 2007

May 23, 2007

June 20, 2007