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Our Team


Maria Gregory

Maria E. Gregory, PA-C
Clinical Cardiology


Administrative Staff

The following is a list of our management personnel. Learn more about them and their roles:

  • As Executive Director of Cardiovascular Specialists of Central Maryland my job is to make sure that day-to-day operations of the practice run smoothly and that our physicians and staff have the resources they need to provide timely and efficient care to our patients.

    If you have any concerns about our practice -- or if you want to recognize a staff member who has gone "above and beyond" -- please feel free to contact me directly at 443-276-9000 or by email at [email protected].  We look forward to providing you and your family members with the best in cardiac care.

    Phone: 443-276-9000
    Fax: 443-276-9610

  • Our experienced and dedicated clinical staff play important roles in the care you receive at Cardiovascular Specialists of Central Maryland.  Clinical support staff range from our cardiac technicians, who provide direct support to our physicians, to the echo, vascular and nuclear cardiology technologists who are trained to perform specialized cardiac diagnostic tests ordered by your physician.

    If you have questions about the services provided by our clinical staff, please feel free to contact me at 443-276-9004 or by email at [email protected].  We will make every effort to resolve your questions.

    Phone: 443-276-9004
    Fax: 443-276-9614

  • We know that navigating the maze of insurance plans and procedures can be confusing -- for us as well as for our patients.  In order for you to receive the care your cardiologist has recommended, it may be necessary to get advance authorization from your insurance carrier. Your insurance plan may also include deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance for which you are responsible.

    Our billing staff are experienced and dedicated to ensuring that the charges for your medical care are billed promptly and correctly.  If you have questions about your account, please feel free to contact Sue Snyder at 443-276-9003 or by email at [email protected].  We will make every effort to resolve your questions.

    Phone: 443-276-9003
    Fax: 443-276-9613

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