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Comprehensive Breast Care at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

breast care - aerial view of Johns Hopkins Bayview medical campus

Our specialists at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center provide comprehensive breast care. We focus on early detection and provide treatment for different types of breast abnormalities and breast cancer in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

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How to Find Us

301 Mason Lord Drive
Suite 1300
Baltimore, MD 21224

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Services We Provide:

We provide the following diagnostic and treatment services for optimal breast health:

  • We specialize in early detection through advanced diagnostic imaging including digital mammography. Our 3D mammography technology, also known as tomosynthesis helps identify breast abnormalities with higher precision.

    Our diagnostic testing and screening services include:

  • Our center provides the following treatment for breast health:

  • Our High Risk Clinic assesses your risk for developing breast cancer and will provide guidance from a nurse who will:

    • Conduct a complete physical exam, including a clinical breast exam
    • Review mammogram and/or ultrasound studies
    • Initiate Tamoxifen therapy
    • Refer to Breast and Ovarian Surveillance Service (BOSS) and a surgical oncologist

    You may be at high risk for breast cancer if you have a history of the following:

    • Atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH)
    • Lobular carcinoma in-situ (LCIS)
    • BRCA genetic mutation
    • Mantle radiation
    • First degree relative (such as a mother, siblings, etc.) diagnosed with breast cancer
    • History of breast cancer in the past three years

    Patients may self-refer to the High Risk Clinic.

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