Phlebotomy Lab

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s outpatient Phlebotomy Lab provides specimen collection services for our clinic and community providers.

Preparing for a blood test 

Parents must have a lab order or test requisition from their physician. All paper requisitions must contain the following elements: 

  • Name and address (if outside of JHACH) of physician or legally authorized person ordering the test 
  • Patient identification utilizing at least two unique identifiers (full name and medical record number or date of birth) 
  • Patient sex, when appropriate 
  • Patient date of birth, when appropriate 
  • Orders for specific laboratory tests 
  • Time and date of collection, when appropriate 
  • Source of specimen, when appropriate 
  • Clinical information, when appropriate 
  • Medical necessity (ICD-10 codes) – required 
  • All unclear, vague or illegible orders will be clarified with the ordering provider before acceptance. 

Upon arrival, please check-in at the Security counter where you will receive further instructions for registration. 

We understand that children may feel frightened or anxious when they need to have a blood test. 

To help your child feel more comfortable while here at Johns Hopkins All Children's, please bring a favorite belonging to the clinic, or an item from home that is part of their daily routine.

Contact Us

For more information about the Phlebotomy lab, give us a call at the phone number below. We serve families in the greater Tampa Bay area and beyond.

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