Contact a Specialist

Referring physicians can use the phone numbers below to contact specialists at Johns Hopkins All Children’s depending on their patient’s individual needs.

Provider to Provider Line

Physicians seeking a consultation for their pediatric patient can use the following phone number to contact the appropriate All Children’s Specialty Physicians specialist:

Call 727-767-8311

Specialty services provided by private practice physicians* at Johns Hopkins All Children's may be reached using the following phone numbers:

Allergy and Immunology
Phone: 727-767-4150
Fax: 727-767-8532

Phone: 727-822-4300
Fax: 727-456-1399

Phone: 727-767-4181
Fax: 727-767-8379

Phone: 727-767-4393
Fax: 727-767-8668

Orthopaedic Surgery
Phone: 727-898-2663
Fax: 727-568-6836

Phone: 727-329-5400
Fax: 727-329-5401

Phone: 727-456-1055
Fax: 727-767-4214

Please note: If you need to transfer your pediatric patient to Johns Hopkins All Children’s for immediate or emergency care, please call the Patient Transfer Center at 727-767-7337. Otherwise, please use the directory above.

*Allergy/immunology is a program of the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, and nephrology is a program of USF and Muma Children’s Hospital at Tampa General Hospital; both in collaboration with Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. Gastroenterology, ophthalmology, orthopaedic surgery, otolaryngology and urology services are provided by private practice physicians at Johns Hopkins All Children’s.