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Comprehensive Transplant Unit (Zayed 9 West)

Inpatient medical-surgical unit specializing in the care of abdominal organ transplant recipients and reconstructive transplant recipients. The CTU offers three levels of care: IMC Level of Care with hemodynamic monitoring, telemetry and non-monitored general care.

Patient Population
  • Ages 18 and up
  • Post-operative to discharge care of kidney, liver and pancreas transplants recipients.  
  • Post-operative to discharge care of hand and face transplant recipients.
  • Management of patients with medical complications secondary to transplantation.
  • Management of patients who require general inpatient or IMC level of nursing care pre-transplant.
  • Average length of stay: 7 to 10 days
Number of Beds
  • 32 total beds
  • 6 IMC beds
  • 26 telemetry/general care adult beds
Nurse/Patient Ratio
  • IMC Beds: 3:1
  • Telemetry/General inpatient beds: 4-5:1 days / 6-7:1 nights
  • 8 or 12 hour shifts
  • Flexible, modified self scheduling
  • Every 3rd weekend, every other holiday rotation
Skill Mix
  • 70 percent RN, 30 percent Support staff
  • Nurses are first oriented to the general inpatient and telemetry beds (12 week orientation).
  • Newly hired nurses who consistently demonstrate proficiency in the management of transplant patients for 9 months in the general care/telemetry setting are then cross-trained to the Transplant IMC setting.
  • Orientation to Transplant IMC setting is an additional 6 weeks. .
  • New Grads: Nurse Residency Program—Adult Track

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