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Mood and Eating Disorders (Meyer 4)

Symptom management, medication therapy, individual and group therapy, and ongoing education as part of the following unique programs: adult mood disorders, adolescent and young adult mood disorders, inpatient eating disorders, day hospital eating disorders, mood disorders day hospital and ECT service.

Patient Population
  • Adolescent to adult
  • Diagnoses include depressive and bipolar disorders, bulimia, anorexia
  • Average length of stay: 15 days
Number of Beds
  • 22 plus 10 day-hospital slots
Nurse/Patient Ratio
  • 1:4-5
  • 8, 10 and 12 hours
  • Flexible, self-schedule
Skill Mix
  • 70 percent RN
  • LPN, Clinical Technicians, Patient Information Coordinators and Support Associates

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Why I Choose Psychiatric Nursing

Devin Lowe

"There's a huge focus on teaching here. We have lunchtime learning lectures, workshops, and classes. Health care is always changing and it's nice to be at a hospital that's on the cutting edge, that's forward thinking and often molds the patient care practice that other hospitals follow."

—Devin Lowe, RN
Geriatrics/Chronic Pain Unit

More Food, Fewer Crises

The introduction of family-style dining last year has changed the atmosphere across Meyer 3, a locked unit that accommodates up to 22 patients, many of them diagnosed with schizophrenia or affective illnesses, such as bipolar disorder.

Read how introduction of Family-style dining has changed patient's attitudes.

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