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Pediatric Epilepsy

The epilepsy team at Johns Hopkins believes that we must care for the whole child. An accurate diagnosis must be made and an appropriate treatment strategy must be designed. This can only be done by understanding all of the other medical, psychological, social and educational issues that are involved. The child must thrive within the family, the school and the community.

Our book, Seizures and Epilepsy in Childhood: A Guide, now in its 3rd edition, has become the standard text to help families touched by children with epilepsy. Services that are available to our patients on site and in collaborations include:

  • Complete seizure history
  • Comprehensive neurological examination
  • Neurophysiological tests (routine EEG, outpatient video-EEG monitoring,
    Wada testing)
  • Long-Term Video-EEG Monitoring: scalp and intracranial
  • Neuroimaging: MRI, MRS, PET, fMRI
  • Neuropsychology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Speech and auditory processing evaluations
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Counseling and support services

Helpful Guide for Families and Caregivers

A new diagnosis of epilepsy or other seizure disorder in a child brings up many questions for parents, family, and caregivers. If Your Child Has Seizures: A Guide for the Parents, Families, and Caregivers of Newly Diagnosed Children with Epilepsy or a Seizure Disorder is a new guidethat can help you get up to speed quickly on the nature of these conditions and how to get help.

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For more information about pediatric epilepsy, request an appointment at the Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center.


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