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About the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)

EMU Admission

Certain criteria must be met and steps followed before admission to the EMU can take place:

  1. Typically, patients have an initial outpatient consultation with a physician in the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center. If appropriate, an admission will then be scheduled. Referring physicians will receive a full report from the patient's EMU neurologist after discharge. 
  2. Once the admission is scheduled, all patients should report to the hospital's main admitting office at the instructed time on the day of admission. The admission process may take two hours or more.

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit - Patient Resources

Learn more about the epilepsy monitoring unit at the Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center.

Visiting Hours

Regular hospital visiting hours are noon until 8:00 p.m. Each patient is limited to two visitors at one time.

Family members are encouraged to spend as much time as they wish with the patient, and one family member is permitted for overnight stays. If the patient has special needs or is a very young child, one family member should plan on staying with the patient at all times and remaining in the patient's room overnight every night the patient is cared for in the EMU. A cot will be provided and guest meal trays can be requested.

The EMU Nurse Manager or EMU Staff Assistant can answer questions regarding visiting privileges.

Request an Appointment

For more information, request an appointment at the Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center.


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