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Sorting Through Aneurysm Options
Dr. Alex Coon discusses two common options for aneurysm treatment.

When Blood Cells Threaten the Brain
Read about Dr. Rafael Tamargo's research to counter inflammation in the brain.

An endovascular pathway to the brain
Alex Coon is one of the country's few endovascular neurosurgeons, able to access the brain through the body's blood vessels.

Can 'Brain Freeze' Cause Long-Term Brain Damage?
Dr. Tamargo discusses brain cooling techniques used during aneurysm surgery.

Microsurgical Clipping and Endovascular Coiling of Intracranial Aneurysms
This review of studies compares coiling and clipping procedures for aneurysm repair surgery.

The Sistine Surprise
Duo finds new trace of Michelangelo's obsession with neuroanatomy.

The Aneurysm Expert
Learn more about Dr. Rafael Tamargo.

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