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Philip Cole

M.D., Ph.D.
410-614-8849 (p)



Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences

Research Summary

Our lab studies the mechanisms of cell signaling and gene regulation using a series of chemical and biochemical approaches. We study the structure, function, and regulation of protein kinases and phosphatases by post-translational modification. In this regard, we have developed a series of technologies including expressed protein ligation, chemical rescue of mutant enzymes, and bisubstrate analog inhibitors that we apply to the analysis of signaling proteins that help clarify substrate selectivity, activation state, and function. Our lab also studies histone acetyltransferases and demethylases and how they contribute to the regulation of gene expression and signaling. We have designed a series of selective inhibitors of these enzymes as tools for pharmacologic research. We employ and develop novel protein chemistry and proteomics methods including mass spectrometry to analyze the function of signaling enzymes on a broad scale. In addition, we are studying the mechanism and function of acyltransferases involved in circadian rhythm and metabolism using chemical biology strategies. 


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