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Dr. Katherine Smith


Assistant Professor of Health policy and Management, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Research Summary

Dr. Smith is a sociologist with research interests around the social determinants of health behavior. Dr. Smith’s particular area of expertise is the role played by the media (particularly the news media) in health knowledge and behavior, as well as the influence of the media in the health policy process. She also has a general interest in youth health behavior and the use of qualitative methodology in public health research. Dr. Smith is currently leading a research project linking news coverage of tobacco to attitudes around policy change that is funded by the American Cancer Society. She is also part of a research project funded by the National Cancer Institute to explore the relationship between news coverage of tobacco and youth smoking, and the evaluation team for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded SmokeLess States initiative. Dr. Smith is part of a research team exploring smoking behaviors among young adults in Baltimore. She is also involved in projects in which she is working to apply the news monitoring strategies developed for tobacco to other public health topics.

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