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Zaver Bhujwalla


Professor of Radiology and Oncology
Director, Molecular Imaging Program


University of Bombay, India (B.Sc.) University of Bombay, India (M.Sc. - Biophysics) University of London (M.Sc. - Radiation Biology) University of London (Ph.D. - Radiation Biology)

Research Summary

Dr. Bhujwalla’s work has focused on the applications of MR imaging and spectroscopy and more recently multi-modality imaging to understand and treat cancer. Dr. Bhujwalla has over 120 publications in this field. Currently her research covers understanding the role of inflammation and hypoxia in cancer invasion and metastasis, identifying tumor microenvironments that are permissive for ‘stem-like’ cancer cells, developing theranostic agents to target metastatic cancer, and identifying early noninvasive biomarkers for cancer-induced cachexia.

Journal Citations

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Honors and Awards

Teaching and Research: President-Elect of the Society for Molecular Imaging; Outstanding Teacher Award, ISMRM, Honolulu, 2009; Fellow of the ISMRM, 2007; Fellow of the AIMBE, 2007; The Negendank Lecture: To Image and Imagine, 2006.

Editorial boards: Cancer Biology and Therapy, Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging, Molecular Imaging, NMR in Biomedicine.

Review panels: NIH, USAMRMC, Komen Foundation, Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK, Fondation InNaBioSante.

Membership in Scientific Societies

Society for Molecular Imaging, USA (past council member, current President-Elect) American Association of Cancer Research, USA American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), USA International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), USA (past chair, Cancer MR study group) Radiation Research Society, USA


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