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Dr. Andrea Cox

Andrea Cox

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Research Summary

The incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has doubled over the last two decades in the United States. Between 1992 and 2002, HCC was second only to thyroid cancer for the largest increase in incidence and was responsible for the largest increase in cancer death rates. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the major cause of HCC in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, and many other parts of the world, and the increase in rates of HCC has been attributed to earlier increases in HCV infection rates. An estimated 170 million people are infected with HCV worldwide, with nearly 4 million people chronically infected in the United States. Of those exposed to HCV, 80% become chronically infected, and at least 30% of carriers develop chronic liver disease, including cirrhosis and HCC. Our laboratory investigates the host immune response to infection with HCV, including the role of the immune response in clearance of HCV upon exposure to this virus. We study the humoral and cellular immune responses to HCV from the earliest phases of infection through years following infection, allowing assessment of the response irrespective of the outcome of infection. 

An HCV vaccine would likely decrease the incidence of HCC, but a significant barrier to the development of an HCV vaccine is that HCV is a highly diverse virus. HCV is diverse both between and within people, as it exists in each infected person as a quasispecies, or “swarm” of closely related but distinct genetic sequences. We have defined and are investigating the use of a consensus sequence, for which each amino acid is that most commonly found at that position, in an HCV vaccine. One theoretical advantage of the consensus sequence is that it minimizes the genetic differences between vaccine strains and contemporary isolates, effectively reducing the extent of diversity by half, and thus it may have enhanced potential for eliciting cross-reactive responses. We recently demonstrated that many immune responses generated against the consensus sequence are cross-reactive with the HCV strains circulating in HCV-infected patients. A virus capable of genetic variation and of causing chronic infection will evolve to optimize its fitness in each host, a process that is the net sum of immune recognition and functional constraints on replication. Because the consensus sequence is composed of the amino acid most commonly observed at each position, it likely represents the most fit state of the virus. Thus, effective evasion of the immune response by selection of a sequence divergent from consensus may result in a less fit virus from a replicative standpoint. We have recently demonstrated that immune pressure drives mutation of the virus away from the consensus sequence and toward a potentially less fit strain.3

Despite ongoing viremia with sequence evolution in those chronically infected with HCV, we have shown that in the majority of individuals, the CD8+ T cell responses generated early in HCV infection decline in peripheral blood and are not replaced with new responses.2 Our results suggest that the development of HCV-specific T cell clones is arrested during the first year of infection. We are currently investigating the molecular phenotypes associated with this loss of functional activity and are characterizing differences between the functional and molecular phenotype of lymphocytes recognizing epitopes that undergo substitution and those recognizing epitopes that do not. Identifying the molecules associated with decreased function might provide targets for blockade, enhancing immunogenicity of a vaccine. Thus, the overall goal of our program includes understanding immune system failure to clear HCV infection in order to overcome the mechanisms of immune evasion that limit HCV vaccine efficacy.

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