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Dr. James Stivers


Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
Associate Professor of Oncology

Research Summary

Over the last five years, a unique program has begun that seeks to obtain a fundamental understanding of the chemical mechanisms by which enzymes repair damaged DNA and to use this information to design small-molecule inhibitors of these enzymes. The driving force for these efforts is the recognition that the effectiveness of cancer chemotherapy regimens is intimately connected to, and in some cases directly relies on, DNA damage repair pathways. Such mechanisms are poorly characterized, and a more sophisticated understanding of the roles of DNA damage repair in the pharmacology of DNA damaging agents could provide new treatment approaches. It is hypothesized that inhibitors of DNA repair enzymes will dramatically increase the effectiveness of existing chemotherapy regimens by introducing increased amounts of DNA damage. Such levels of damage could lead to cell death by apoptosis, or alternatively, by nonapoptotic mechanisms, thereby bypassing the dependence on the apoptotic machinery that is frequently malfunctioning in tumor cells. An increased effectiveness of therapeutic agents may allow the clinician to achieve positive outcomes at lower drug doses, thereby diminishing toxic side effects. Most significantly, the proposed line of study helps illuminate the basic question of why chemotherapy drugs fail, and more importantly, why they work at all.

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