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Constance Griffin

(410) 955-8964 (p)

Associate Professor of Pathology, Medicine, and Oncology


M.D., University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH


Cytogenetics, Departments of Pathology and Genetics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philladelphia, PA

Research Summary

Dr. Griffin’s research goals are to develop clinically usable tools to collect and analyze family cancer history, and to identify currently unrecognized forms of familial cancer. 

She is principal investigator of the Mid-Atlantic Cancer Genetics Network, one of eight sites that make up National Cancer Institute (NCI)-funded initiative called the Cancer Genetics Network (CGN). This national research infrastructure was designed to support collaborative investigations into the inherited susceptibility to cancer. The CGN is intended to enhance and support cancer genetics research that could not be accomplished by single institutions by making available educational, clinical, and research resources. It is specifically intended to facilitate translational research in issues of prevention, treatment, or outcome of cancers related to inherited factors. Now in its sixth year, the CGN has developed pilot studies in several areas, and MACGN is participating in most of these research projects. Dr. Griffin serves as chair of the CGN steering committee and is involved in deriving policies, collaborations, and specific studies with the CGN.

Alterations in specific areas of chromosomes of cancer cells that occur repeatedly indicate areas where genes important in the cancer process reside. Identifying these chromosome changes has led to the identification of many such genes, especially in leukemias. Dr. Griffin continues the search for chromosomal indicators important to genomic changes, with her emphasis on solid tumors. During the past year, she has focused on elucidating some of the many chromosomal abnormalities that characterize pancreatic cancer by mapping breakpoints in pancreas cancer cell lines. Her lab is also developing a unique method for induction of premature chromosome condensation that does not require cells to be growing and dividing, thus eliminating selection of cells that are karyotyped. Successful implementation of this technique would provide new information about the cell-to-cell chromosome variability.

Clinical Research

Dr. Griffin’s clinical laboratory in pathology provides cytogenetics services for oncology and other patients. She is interested in recurrent translocations and other abnormalities in hematologic and solid malignancies and in developing assays and applying technologic advances in cytogenetics to provide diagnostic and prognostic information for care of cancer patients. She is expanding the capabilities of the laboratory using automated FISH analysis.

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