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The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Cancer Survivorship

At Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, we believe that survivorship begins on the day of cancer diagnosis. Our health care providers work with newly diagnosed patients to ensure that their life goals remain on track when possible. We no longer want cancer patients just to survive – we want them to thrive. Beyond treating and managing patients’ cancer, we focus on their quality of life. Do you want to keep working during your treatment? Do you want to have children after treatment? Our experts will work with you the best we can. We are committed to developing innovative ways to further improve life during and after cancer treatment.

Throughout cancer patients’ journeys at Johns Hopkins, we aim to educate patients and their caregivers so they can best participate in treatment decisions and health management. Part of our mission involves making sure patients keep in communication with their primary care providers and/or gynecologists. During active treatment, primary care providers may be less involved in patients’ care, but they still play a role in health management tasks like providing flu or pneumonia shots, performing routine pelvic or breast exams, or conducting physical exams prior to surgery. As your treatment ends, our team will develop a survivorship care plan for you summarizing your medical care and outlining what needs to happen going forward.

This site is for survivors and their caregivers at any stage of treatment, offering information about concerns related to survivorship before, during and after cancer treatment; guides to insurance and employment; survivor research ongoing at our center; and a variety of programs and services available to survivors.


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