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Nursing Excellence

Johns Hopkins Nurses Help Patients Manage Medications

Bone marrow transplant patients at times may be required to take 10 to 15 different medications, and these medications can change often based on how patients fare. 

Recognizing that patients were having trouble managing their medications, which put them at risk for rejecting their transplantsthe transplant not taking, IPOP Assistant Nurse Manager Wendy Warrell has helped introduce a medication reconciliation program. Now, IPOP patients and their caregivers are given a blue bag to tote their medications back and forth from the clinic to their temporary nearby homes. Each day, nurses review each bottle label with patients, making sure they understand the instructions and are taking medications as necessary, and making sure the labels match written prescription orders from the patients’ doctors.

Over the past two years, Warrell says, “We have caught a lot of potentially catastrophic issues,” including one patient who was potentially overdosing on morphine.


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