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Department & Ancillary Reviews

October 2014

The Director of a JHUSOM Department may determine when a required departmental review is required prior to submission of an application for IRB review and will appoint an individual or a committee to conduct such reviews. To assure compliance with institutional and regulatory requirements, the Organization has determined that there are several ancillary committee reviews required to assure compliance with institutional or regulatory requirements. The eIRB system has been configured to route an application directly to the required department or ancillary committee for review. For the purposes of review by the Committee on Outside Interests, it is the responsibility of an investigator to make required disclosures of potential conflicts of interest through the eOPC web-based disclosure system.

The chart below identifies the required pre and post department or ancillary reviews that must occur before a research study may begin.

Department/Ancillary Committee

Contact Information


Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD)

Paul Overly -

Post IRB Approval

Biosafety Office

Stephen Dahl -

Concurrent with IRB Review

Cell Therapy

Jeffrey Bitzan -
Janice Davis Sproul -
Juliana Edwards -
Susan Fiorino -
M. Victor Lemas -
Josephine Logan -
Michelle Muth -
Angela Ondo -

Notification Only

Clinical Engineering

Roy Shipley -
Andrew Currie -
Charles Bacon -

Concurrent with IRB Review

Clinical Radiation Research Committee (CRRC)

Stan Wadsworth -

Concurrent with IRB Review

Committee on Outside Interests (COI)

Julie Gottlieb -
Melissa Graf -
John Nolan -

Concurrent with IRB Review

Emergency Department Patients (ED)

Stephen Peterson -
Richard Rothman -
Lauren Sauer -

Concurrent with IRB Review

Foster Children (Department of Human Resources Social Services Administration)

Maria Tillman -
Amaza Reid -

Post IRB Approval

FM Kirby Center

Jim Pekar -

Pre IRB review

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR)

Matthew Courtemanche -
Shernice Madison -
Gerald Stacy -

Acknowledge Anytime

Graduate Medical Education Review

Julia McMillan -

Concurrent with IRB Review

High Risk Review Committee - BayviewNadia Hansel -

Concurrent with IRB Review

High Risk Review Committee - JHHElizabeth Martinez -
Todd Brown -

Concurrent with IRB Review

Howard County General Hospital

Judith Moss -
Robert Sheff -

Post IRB Approval

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Stephen Dahl -

Concurrent with IRB Review

JHU Applied Physics Lab

Daniel Anna -

Pre IRB Review

JHU Comparative Medicine

Janice Clements -

Pre IRB Review

JHU Emergency Medicine - Broadway

Stephen Peterson -
Richard Rothman -
Lauren Sauer -

Pre IRB Review

JHU Gynecology and Obstetrics

Andrew Satin -

Pre IRB Review

JHU History of Medicine

Randall Packard -

Pre IRB Review

JHU McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine (Genetic Medicine)David Valle - dvalle@jhmi.eduPre IRB Approval

JHU Ophthalmology

Peter McDonnell -
Sharon Solomon -

Pre IRB Review

JHU Pharmacology and Molecular SciencesPhilip Cole - pcole@jhmi.eduPre IRB Approval

JHU Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Pablo Celnik -

Pre IRB Review

JHU Physiology

William Guggino -

Pre IRB Review

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians Review (JHCP)

Wendy Greenberg -
Todd Nesson –

Concurrent with IRB Review

Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network (JHCRN)Pre IRB Review

Johns Hopkins Health Care (JHHC)

Peter Fagan -
Martha Sylvia -

Notification Only

KKI Review

Roberta Babbitt -

Pre IRB Review

Maternal and Fetal Research Committee (MFRC)

Edith Gurewitsch Allen -

Concurrent with IRB Review

Medical Affairs

Redonda Miller -

Concurrent with IRB Review


Crystal Bland -

Notification Only

Office of Research Administration (ORA)

Karen Justice-White -

Post IRB Approval

P&T (for JHM-IRB X only **)

Brent Petty -

Concurrent with IRB Review

Pathology Department Review

Georges Netto -
Frederic Askin -

Concurrent with IRB Review

Prospective Reimbursement Analysis (PRA)

Karen Roz -

Concurrent with IRB Review

Sibley Memorial HospitalAmanda Moser - amoser6@jhmi.eduPre and/or Post Review


Dorothy Damron -
Janet Heussner-
Deborah Epstein -

Pre IRB Review

Student Affairs

Sarah Clever -

Concurrent With IRB Review

Suburban HospitalJackie Lobien - JLobien@SuburbanHospital.orgPre and/or Post Review




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