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JHN Evidence-Based Practice Course

This online course is designed to give you the knowledge and competencies you need to address clinical practice, administrative, and educational questions.  You will learn by watching and listening to expert faculty present information in recorded slideshows, practicing skills in self-paced web-based activities, and exploring examples of Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP projects in videos.


The course focuses on the use of EBP to solve problems faced by bedside nurses, nurse educators, and nurse managers and leaders. It is designed for individual nurses or for broad use by health care organizations and schools of nursing.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Solve clinical, educational, financial and administrative problems using the JHNEBP Model
  2. Identify an EBP question and PICO
  3. Participate in EBP projects
  4. Lead EBP projects
  5. Search and appraise literature
  6. Implement change using the JHNEBP Model


  1. What is EBP?
    What is EBP, and why is it important for nurses to learn how to do and use it?  This module explains the basic concepts of EBP and introduces the Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP Model.  It will take about two hours to complete all of the activities in this module.
  2. Problem, PICO, and Plans
    How do you get started? Write a good question, form your team and decide how you're going to get the work done. This module will help you write focused, relevant EBP questions. You will also learn important considerations for creating your team and managing your EBP project
  3. Evidence
    Now that you have written a problem statement, practice question, and PICO, where do you look for evidence?  This module explains what evidence is appropriate and how to find it.
  4. Summarizing the Evidence 
    How do you decide whether you should change your practice? This module gives you tools for summarizing the evidence so you can move forward.
  5. Translation
    This can be the hardest part of the EBP process. How do you implement a change in practice? Learn the difference between leading change and managing transitions. Successful translation is based on a well-developed action planning process.


ANCC contact hours - 2.7

Registration fee - $95

Johns Hopkins Health System clinical staff and JHU School of Nursing faculty/students are welcome to take this course free of charge.  To access the coupon you need to register, go to the JHH Nursing Intranet.  If you are with the JHHS or JHUSON, but aren't able to access the intranet, contact us.



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