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Institute for Excellence in Education

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Our Donors

Financial donations are very important from outside supporters who feel that enhancing the education standard here at Hopkins is a priority.

Our sincere thanks to all who have been so generous to the IEE.


  • Mr. Imran Ali
  • Dr. Konrad Akert
  • Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Anderson
  • Mr. Sam Andrew
  • Dr. Charles S. Angell
  • Dr. Sue Bailey
  • Dr. John A. Balint
  • Ms. Dianne Banks
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Barry
  • Dr. Sheldon I. Bastacky
  • Dr. and Mrs. William A. Baumgartner
  • Mr. Stanley Berger
  • Drs. Scott I. and Gail V. Berkenblit
  • Dr. Catherine M. Bonuccelli
  • Mr. and Mrs. William P. Borduin
  • Dr. and Mrs. James L. Borland, Jr.
  • Dr. Major W. Bradshaw
  • Drs. Henry and Rachel F. Brem
  • Dr. and Mrs. Sorin J. Brener
  • Dr. Howard S. Buchoff
  • Dr. Evan Calkins
  • Dr. Arthur Campo
  • Dr. George J. Caranasos
  • Dr. Gary H. Cassel and Dr. Lois J. Ratner
  • Dr. Andrea Cavaggioni
  • Dr. Amy K. Chi
  • Dr. Joseph Cofrancesco
  • Dr. John A. Cooley
  • Dr. Robert E. Cranley Jr.
  • Dr. Eric S. Csortan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Dahlberg
  • Mrs. Pamela Kathy Dahlberg
  • Dr. Robert D. Dean
  • Dr. Rachel L. Derr and Dr. Neal W. Dickert, Jr.
  • Drs. Louis F. and Anna Mae E. Diehl
  • Dr. Harmon J. Eyre
  • Dr. Jordon W. Finkelstein
  • Dr. Jeffrey D. Fisher
  • Dr. Jared R. H. Foran
  • Dr. Herbert L. Fred
  • Dr. Claude T. H. Friedmann
  • Dr. Thomas J. Gast
  • Dr. Paul Geary Jr.
  • Dr. Ziad F. Gellad and Dr. Beatrice D. Hong
  • Dr. and Mrs. Bruce P. Gelman
  • Dr. and Mr. Paula B. George
  • Mr. and Mrs. William H. Girvan
  • Ms. Cheryll L. Glab
  • Dr. and Mrs. David L. Glancy
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Goodgine
  • Dr. Frank Guerra and Ms. Jo Ellen Graybill
  • Dr. and Mrs. Lee R. Haselhuhn
  • Dr. Awori J. Hayanga
  • Dr. Craig T. Haytmanek
  • Dr. Henry Kent Holland
  • Dr. Masao Honda
  • Dr. Albert C. Hsu
  • Dr. Tah-Hsiung Hsu
  • Dr. Robert P. Hudson
  • Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hughes
  • Dr. Elizabeth M. Jaffee and Dr. Frederick L. Brancati
  • Dr. Glenn M. JonesDr. James Kaiser
  • Dr. Suhayl S. Kalash
  • Mrs. Florence Kayne
  • Dr. Richard D. Kayne
  • Dr. Otto F. Kernberg
  • Dr. V. Dixon King Jr.
  • Dr. Vinayak Kottoor
  • Dr. Ivy A. Ku
  • Dr. Joseph LaMantia
  • Dr. and Mrs. Choon-Kee Lee
  • Mr. and Mrs. Won S. Lee
  • Dr. Robert J. Leggiadro
  • Dr. Thomas N. Ljungman
  • Dr. Michael F. Lubin
  • Dr. Edward A. Luce
  • Dr. Carlos H. Lugo-Olivieri
  • J. Carlos Maggi, M.D., Inc.
  • Mrs. J. Porter Mansfield
  • Dr. Richard J. W. Mansfield
  • Dr. Andrew M. Margileth
  • Dr. and Mrs. Maurie Markman
  • Mrs. Ann Y. Martin
  • Drs. Philip A. and Rebecca B. Masters
  • Dr. Stephen J. McPhee and Ms. Patricia E. Perry
  • Dr. and Mrs. Farrell O. Mendelsohn
  • Drs. Eugenio A. and Maria R. Menez
  • Mr. James J. Merlihan
  • Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Miller
  • Dr. and Mrs. Mack C. Mitchell, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Morton
  • Dr. Darioush Nasseri
  • Dr. David A. Nieglos
  • Dr. Keith D. Osborn
  • Dr. Lyubov Ostrovskaya
  • Dr. Ahsen T. Ozarda
  • Mrs. Laura Ozarda
  • Dr. Robert D. Pipkin
  • Dr. Timona M. Pittman
  • Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Plaut
  • Mrs. Louise Bertels Porter
  • Dr. Manuel O. Rafanan
  • Dr. Rolando G. Recio
  • Dr. Robert R. Renner
  • Dr. Ona Z. Riggin
  • Mr. and Mrs. William W. Roberts, Jr.
  • Dr. Bradley M. Rodgers
  • Dr. and Mrs. Saul D. Roskes
  • Dr. and Mrs. Francisco D. Sabado, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Mark D. Salerno
  • Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sayre
  • Dr. Dieter Schellinger
  • Dr. Robert S. Shapiro
  • Dr. Jun Shimazaki
  • Mrs. Helen F. Solomon
  • Capt. and Mrs. George P. Sotos, USN, Ret
  • Dr. Lea Stern
  • Dr. Albert J. Stunkard
  • Dr. William H. Talbot
  • The Joanne R. Marks Trust
  • Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Tsao
  • Mr. George C. C. Tseng and Ms. Schun Yeh
  • Dr. Enrico P. Veltri
  • Dr. Guang L. Wang
  • Dr. Joseph N. Ward
  • Dr. Robert E. Ward
  • Dr. Henry T. Wasserman
  • Mrs. Anne H. Willard
  • Dr. John R. Wingard
  • Dr. Earle L. Wrenn Jr.
  • Dr. Louis D. Wright Jr.
  • Dr. Johnathan M. Zenilman
  • Dr. Karl J. Zeren



Interdean Relocation Services
National Capital Lawyers Auxiliary


A very generous member of our JH community has recently named the IEE in their estate for a sizable new gift. When realized, the gift will establish a new Director’s Fund for priority programs and projects such as lectures, research grants and seed funding for new projects.    


Please contact us with any questions about how your support will help or donate now.