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2014 Education Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement in Education Award
The Martin D. Abeloff Award for Lifetime Achievement in Medical and Biomedical Education

Outstanding Achievement in Education Awards
     - Lisa J. Heiser Award for Junior Faculty Contribution in Education
     - Teaching Awards
     - Leadership and Mentoring Award
     - Educational Scholarship Award
     - Educational Innovation Award
     - Educational Program Award


Lifetime Achievement in Education Award

This is the most distinguished of the IEE's awards and is meant to recognize a lifetime of achievement. It is awarded by the IEE Board of Directors to recognize that achievement. The award is given at the annual IEE Education Conference and Celebration.

The Martin D. Abeloff Award for Lifetime Achievement in Medical and Biomedical Education

 This award is named in honor of Dr. Martin D. Abeloff whose long and illustrious career at Johns Hopkins left an indelible mark. Dr. Abeloff began at Hopkins in 1966 and held many educational and leadership positions. From 1992 until his passing, he served as the Director of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer.  He was a visionary leader, superb physician and educator, and world class scholar. He was a much respected colleague and mentor. Dr. Abeloff led the Committee on Educational Values and Rewards which had as its overarching recommendation the establishment of the Institute for Excellence in Education.

The IEE is very honored to present this year's Abeloff Award to:
David Hellmann
David Hellmann


David B. Hellmann, MD, MACP

Aliki Perroti Professor of Medicine
Vice Dean and Chairman, Department of Medicine, JHBMC
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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Outstanding Achievement in Education Awards

The IEE offers peer nominated and peer reviewed awards to recognize outstanding achievement in education. Awards are given at the annual IEE Education Conference and Celebration. Each award winner receives a certificate, and a $1000 honorarium.

The Lisa J. Heiser Award for Junior Faculty Contribution in Education

This award is named in honor of Lisa J. Heiser, MA, NCC, LCPC, past Assistant Dean for Faculty Development and Equity, Johns Hopkins Medicine. Lisa was the embodiment of what makes Johns Hopkins Medicine special; smart and multi-talented, combining fierce tenacity and commitment with tremendous personal warmth, friendliness and collegiality. In the short time Lisa served as an assistant dean until her passing, she developed an impressive portfolio of programs and initiatives that have transcended the founding vision of her office, fostering the development of all faculty members. The Heiser award is given to one junior faculty member, on faculty five years or less, who has made an outstanding contribution in medical and biomedical education, and shown great promise for future meaningful contributions.

Satish Shanbhag
Satish Shanbhag




Satish P. Shanbhag, MBBS, MPH
Assistant Professor, Medicine and Oncology

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Michael Choi
Michael Choi
 Ten or More Years on Faculty    


Michael J. Choi, MD
Associate Professor, Medicine
Clinical Director, Nephrology
Medical Director, Acute Dialysis Unit


Danelle Cayea
Danelle Cayea
Less than Ten Years on Faculty    


Danelle Cayea, MD, MS
Assistant Professor, Geriatric Medicine
Associate Vice-Chair for Education, Department of Medicine


Michael Crocetti
Michael Crocetti
  Part-Time Faculty    


Michael Crocetti, MD
Chief of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

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Leadership and Mentoring

Noel Rose
Noel  Rose


Noel R. Rose, MD, PhD, MA
Interim Director, Division of Immunology
Director, Graduate Program, Department of Pathology
Professor, Medicine and Pathology (SOM); Molecular Microbiology, Immunology and Environmental Health Science (BSPH)
Director, PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Autoimmune Disorders

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Educational Scholarship

Janet Serwint
Janet A. Serwint




Janet R. Serwint, MD
Professor, Pediatrics and Public Health
Vice Chair, Pediatric Education
Director, Pediatric Residency Training Program

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Educational Innovatation

Toby Cornish
Toby Cornish
Faculty Team    


Toby C. Cornish, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, GI and Liver Pathology and Pathology Informatics
Pathologist, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Pathologist, Johns Hopkins Bauyview Medical Center
Pathologist, Howard County General Hospital


Ralph Hruban
Ralph Hruban



Ralph H. Hruban, MD
Professor, Pathology and Oncology
Deputy Director, Pathology Research and Program Development
Director, Division of GI and Liver Pathology
Pathologist, Johns Hopkins Hospital

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Educational Program

  The Department of Emergency Medicine's

        Focused Advanced Specialty Track (FAST) Program

Arjun Chanmugam, MD
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Gabor D. Kelen, MD
Professor and Director, Department of Emergency Medicine

Linda Regan, MD
Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine
Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency

Richard Rothman, MD, PhD
Professor, Emergency Medicine
Vice-Chair of Research

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Please contact us if you or someone you know has received a teaching or educational award or received recognition, by sending us a message with all the details.


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