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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far in advance are appointments scheduled?
A. Most appointments are filled 1-2 months in advance of the date of service. We suggest that you schedule as early as possible. Request an appointment today.

Q. What does my company's plan with Johns Hopkins Executive & Preventive Health cover?
A. Plans are unique and reviewed specifically with each individual patient. Payment for services not covered by employers will be collected from the individual at the conclusion of their visit.

Q. I have existing medical problems and would like consultations with Johns Hopkins specialists. Is the Executive & Preventive Health Program right for me?
A. The Executive & Preventive Health Program is designed for disease prevention and is not a diagnostic and treatment center. If your primary desire is to have specialty evaluations, the team at Johns Hopkins USA can assist in scheduling those appointments.

Q. If I do not need an eye evaluation or nutrition counseling, do I still need to pay for those services?
A. No. You do not pay for services that you do not receive. The Executive & Preventive Health Program can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our Program Coordinators can assist you in developing an appropriate itinerary of services.

Q. When will I receive my itinerary for the day?
A. Ideally, you should receive your itinerary 1-2 weeks before your scheduled visit. If you have not received your itinerary within 1 week of the appointment, please contact our office at 410-955-9819 or 1-888-544-1340.

Q. When should I arrive for my day's evaluation with the Johns Hopkins Executive & Preventive Health Program?
A. You should arrive fifteen (15) minutes before your first scheduled appointment.

Q. What should I wear if I am doing an exercise stress test?
A. You should wear comfortable clothing and comfortable footwear, such as running shoes. Lockers are available to store a change of clothes, if desired.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare before the appointment? Can I eat the night before?
A. A full set of pre-examination instructions will be mailed to you with your itinerary. You should not eat or drink anything except for water 10-12 hours before your blood work. You will be asked to provide a urine sample. A continental breakfast will be available after your blood work is completed.

Q. Why can't I have a colonoscopy on the same day as my Executive & Preventive Health visit?
A. The anesthesia used for a colonscopy requires an extended and sometimes unpredictable amount of time to wear off. Additionally, colonoscopy preparation can sometimes affect blood results.

Q. How do I get to The Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center?
A. Visit the Maps & Directions page. Directions will also be mailed to you with your itinerary for the visit.

Q. Where should I stay in Baltimore?
A. The Executive & Preventive Health Coordinators will be happy to provide information on hotels in Baltimore that are conveniently located near the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Q. Will I be able to shower after the stress test?
A. No. It is not medically advised to take a shower immediately after exerting yourself on an exercise stress test. You will be able to wash up with a damp towel if you wish. Lockers are available to store a change of clothes.

Q. Should I bring a pair of sunglasses for after the eye examination?
A. Yes. If you are seen at the Wilmer Eye Institute, your pupils will be dilated in order to perform a complete opthalmological examination. You will not be able to wear your contacts and should plan to bring your glasses. For approximately two or three hours after the examination, your eyes will be sensitive to light, and you may also prefer to wear sunglasses.

Q. Should I bring reading material or other work for the day?
A. You are more than welcome to do so. We have Wi-Fi available for laptop computers, as well as newspapers and periodicals. We also have one computer in our lounge available for public use.

Q. When should I expect to receive the formal report from my evaluation?
A. You and your personal physician should receive your report within four weeks of your visit.

Q. Will my insurance cover any of the charges?
A. Since the Executive & Preventive Health Program operates through company and private contracts, we do not bill or collect from any health insurance plan or HMO, nor do we investigate the type of coverage that a patient may hold or what services may or may not be covered by the health care plan. If you are interested, we can provide bills that you may use to file claims with your health plan. If the health plan covers any of the services received in the Executive Health Program, the health plan should make payment directly to you, not the Johns Hopkins providers who rendered services under the program.

Q. Why is there an estimated bill on the date of service?
A. The invoice prepared on the day of your visit is an estimate of the services received. Your final invoice may reflect additional services by your physician and/or a fluctuation in price as mandated by the State of Maryland rate regulation system.