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2009-10 Progress Report

As you know, the OWISM was created in March of 2008, and with the help of many of you, the office has been able to launch many new and innovative programs in the last year.

The OWISM continues to have Information and Conversation sessions four times each year. These sessions are informal and the OWISM has arranged for a facilitator to be present at each of these, to stimulate and guide the conversation. We had great attendance for these sessions in 2009 and we were really able to discuss some difficult and important topics which women face at the SOM.

In 2009 we discussed work/life balance, advancement, feeling valued and childcare. Based on feedback from the faculty the OWISM planned the 2010 schedule. Our first session of 2010 was held on March 4. This session was facilitated by Cynthia Wolberger, Adrian Dobbs, and Redonda Miller—all of who discussed how they navigated the system at the SOM. Each of these faculty members have achieved success along different tracks (Basic Science, Academic Clinician, and Clinician Educator), and the panel provided very useful information on how to balance work-life issues and still be very successful along the different promotional tracks at the SOM. The session was extremely well attended, and we plan to have another panel event in 2011 to continue to discuss this issue. See upcoming dates for our next Information and Conversation sessions.

In the last year, the OWISM has started a CV review program for senior women Associate Professors who anticipate promotion to Full Professor within 24 months. These faculty members can submit their CVs for review by two women Full Professors who can provide important individual feedback. The OWISM has received very positive feedback in regards to this program from those who have participated. We will continue to offer this program to women faculty, and monitor the progress of the program over time. The OWISM has teamed up with the Office of Faculty Development to establish CV workshops for all faculty who anticipate promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor. Our first workshop was on April 20, 2010 and we plan to have a second workshop in the fall. Please look for announcements concerning upcoming CV workshops.

The OWISM organized its first Leadership Program for Women Faculty (LPWF) this year. After a rigorous nomination and selection process, 40 women faculty from 16 SOM Departments enrolled in this 10 month program, which includes eight half-day sessions. The goals of this program are to develop JHUSOM women leaders who can contribute to future initiatives throughout the school, and to retain emerging female leaders by providing a prestigious and challenging learning experience. The LPWF will hopefully result in new leadership opportunities and ultimately promotion for the SOM women faculty. The OWISM will repeat this program yearly, and I would encourage all women faculty members to consider participation in this innovative program. We will keep you informed about the 2010-11 program, and please continue to look at the website for information about enrollment.

The OWISM second annual event and presentation of the Vice Deans award took place on March 25. Emma Stokes was the recipient of the Vice Dean’s Award for the Advancement of Women Faculty. The award presentation preceded a celebration to commemorate that we have reached 150+ women professors in the SOM. Barbara Migeon, Carol Greider, Patti Vining and Kristy Weber all spoke at this celebration and discussed their personal journey to Professorship. Watch a video of the award presentation.

In honor of this year’s event, here are some photos of women in science and medicine.

At this time, I would very much like to thank the entire female faculty who has agreed to serve on various OWISM committees, and also to those of you who have participated in our many programs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the OWISM, at


Barbara Fivush
Director of the Office of Women in Science and Medicine
Professor of Pediatrics