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Wilmer Eye Institute
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Comprehensive Eye Care

The Wilmer Eye Institute provides routine diagnostic, medical and surgical services. These include:

  • Screening and treatment for common eye diseases
  • Evaluation of patients who may have visual loss or complaints, but do not have a diagnosis
  • Glasses and contact lens prescriptions

Comprehensive Eye Care may also act as the entry point to Wilmer subspecialty care for patients needing specific additional medical or surgical services.

Contact Information:

Clinic Manager: Donna Vierheller
Comprehensive Eye Service

The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins
600 North Wolfe Street
3rd Floor Baltimore, MD 21287
For appointments, call 410-955-5080

Providers By Location:

Johns Hopkins Hospital & Outpatient Center

Ashley Behrens, M.D., Chief
Lindsay T Ciocco, O.D.
Laura DiMeglio, O.D.
Jeremy Goldman, O.D.
Praveena Gupta, O.D.
Michelle Hessen, O.D.
Richard Kolker, M.D.
Gayle LePosa, O.D.
Amanda Marks, O.D., M.S.
William N May, M.D.
Basil Morgan, M.D.
Josephine Owoeye, O.D.
Jack Prince, O.D.
Mahsa Salehi, O.D.
Valerie Seligson, O.D.
Leon Strauss, M.D.
Kimberly Williams, O.D.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Lindsay T. Ciocco, O.D.
Karen Dunlap, O.D.
Amanda Marks, O.D., M.S.
Monica Blash Sheaffer, O.D.

Bel Air

Maria Soledad Romero, M.D.
Jeanette M. Bonsack, O.D.
Charles J Castoro, M.D.
Jillian S. Chapman, O.D.
Richard T. Corea, O.D.
Stephen D. Cyford, O.D.
Sandra R. Rozar, O.D.


Anisa I. Gire, O.D.
Anupam Laul, O.D.

Columbia: Charter Drive

Dean Glaros, M.D.
Melanie Sobel, M.D.
Valerie Seligson, O.D.
Mahsa Salehi, O.D.

Columbia: Wilmer-Patapsco

David Glasser, M.D.
Malin Howard, M.D.
Sherry Narang Kalla, M.D.

Green Spring Station

Barry Blum, M.D.
Stan Coleman, M.D.
Laura Di Meglio, O.D.
Elliot Myrowitz, O.D.
Ronald Richter, M.D.
Richard Schoen, O.D.
Valerie Seligson, O.D.


Lindsay T. Ciocco, O.D.
Clarissa Kum, O.D.
Amanda Marks, O.D., M.S.
Gayle LePosa, O.D.
Alan L. Wilder, O.D.

White Marsh

Laura Di Meglio, O.D.
Karen Dunlap, O.D.
Jack Prince, O.D.
Amde Selassie Shifera, M.D., M.S., Ph.D.
Alan L. Wilder, O.D.

Sanford Greenberg Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Gehlbach Project Selected by Johns Hopkins-Coulter Translational Project Partnership- 06/23/16

Dr. Neil Bressler Speaks at Senate Briefing on Special Diabetes Program- 06/09/16

Dr. Neil Bressler Discusses Blue Light Effects on the Eyes in the Washington Post- 06/02/16

Dr. Arevalo Honored by National Institute of Ophthalmology in Peru- 5/31/16

Dr. Jennifer Thorne Appointed President-elect of American Uveitis Society- 5/17/16

Dr. Ingrid Zimmer-Galler Elected to the ATA College of Fellows- 5/13/16

Dr. Arevalo Launches New Book at ARVO 2016- 5/09/16

Dr. Elia J. Duh is elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation- 4/28/16

Dr. Maria Valeria Canto Soler Wins BrightFocus Award for Macular Degeneration Research- 4/27/16

Three Wilmer Faculty Voted Most Influential in Field of Ophthalmology- 4/22/2016

Dr. Pradeep Ramulu Wins Pisart Award for Significant Achievement in Vision Science Research- 4/21/16

Dr. Eghrari Receives Alcon Early Career Research Award- 4/13/16

Dr. Quigley Honored by American Glaucoma Society- 4/11/16

Dr. Ian Pitha Awarded Grants for Glaucoma Research- 4/11/16