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Johns Hopkins Faculty Information

For most, joining the faculty at Johns Hopkins is only the beginning of your career in academic research and medical career. And, especially here, the opportunities to learn and the need for support do not end where your faculty appointment begins.

Whether in the lab, the clinic or during rounds with students, your busy schedules demand that the resources you seek be available when you need it. With that in mind, we strive through our Web site, our human resources and professional development offices and our Faculty and Staff Assistance Program to make all of the support we offer readily available to you.

Here you can find information pertaining to grant applications, faculty policies, professional development and promotions, to name a few.

Office of Faculty

Janice E. Clements, PhD
Mary Wallace Stanton Professor of Faculty Affairs
University Distinguished Service Professor
Vice Dean for Faculty
Read a welcome letter from Dr. Clements

Estelle Gauda, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Office of Faculty Development

Kimberly A. Skarupski, PhD, MPH
Associate Dean for Faculty Development

David Yousem, MD, MBA
Associate Dean for Professional Development

Michael Barone, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Educational Development

Linda Dillon Jones, PhD
Senior Faculty Development and Equity Consultant