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About Us

The Department of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Sciences at Johns Hopkins is dedicated to a three-part mission -- clinical expertise, advanced research initiatives, and thorough training of our residents. All of these culminate in patient-centered, specialized care for those who are treated by our team. 

We capitalize on the expertise and team approach of our sub-specialized radiation oncologists, dosimetrists, physicists, and nurses, who are each critical to every treatment. By constantly improving our radiation therapy technology through our clinical research, we enhance our ability to provide the most advanced treatment options that are specific to every patient’s disease. At Johns Hopkins, it is not just about how cancer is treated, but also the team who is treating the disease.

When you choose Johns Hopkins for radiation treatment, you are choosing a team of specialists whose work is grounded in the latest, most promising research and bolstered by a multidisciplinary medical community that gives them access to consulting with every imaginable specialist.

As we continue to grow, our focus remains on delivering our mission with the greatest possible patient safety and compassion. By providing more treatment centers in the community, we hope to meet every need of our patients and their families during their cancer care.

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We enroll patients in clinical trials every day. Find out what’s available for you.

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We offer residency programs for radiation oncology and medical physics and a radiation therapy program for therapists. Get the details.

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