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Patient Information

Huntington's Disease Center at Johns Hopkins

The Center offers a number of multidisciplinary clinical services as well as opportunities to participate in clinical research for patients with Huntington's disease (HD) and their families.

The Evaluation & Research Program provides initial clinical evaluations for HD patients and neurological testing for individuals who carry the abnormal gene but do not have symptoms.

The Continuing Care Program which provides medical care, education and support services.

Social work services provided in both programs include case management, community resource referrals, housing assistance, and long-term care placements.

Patients with acute medical or psychiatric problems can be hospitalized at The Johns Hopkins Hospital or other area hospitals. Center staff members are available for counseling, consultation, and emergency referral services. We maintain strict confidentiality standards throughout our practices.

Predictive Gene Testing is offered as part of both clinical programs and provides evaluation, counseling, and genetic testing to individuals at risk for Huntington's disease.

All outpatient testing and medical care takes place in the BHDC Clinic at Meyer 2-181 at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Click here for DIRECTIONS to the Hospital.

For all clinical appointments, please contact:

Deborah Pollard
600 North Wolfe Street, 2-181 Meyer
Baltimore, MD 21287
Telephone: (410) 955-2398