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Final Review

Final Review

 Last updated:  November 29, 2016

  1. When a student has generated sufficient novel research findings to constitute a doctoral thesis, the student’s thesis advisory committee, at a regularly scheduled meeting, will advise the student that they may write and submit their doctoral thesis. The final thesis must be accepted by all of the members of the student’s thesis advisory committee. 
  2. After a complete draft of the thesis is written and approved by the student’s preceptor, one copy of the draft should be provided to the departmental office for review and approval by the Program Director (allow for a 48-hour turnaround).
  3. After the draft thesis is approved by the Program Director, each thesis advisory committee member should receive a copy. Distribution should include letters to each committee member describing their responsibilities in reviewing the thesis, which will vary depending on whether or not the member is designated as a “reader” (see below).
  4. Two committee members, one of whom is the advisor, will serve as official thesis “readers.”  The readers are required to write a joint review and approval of the thesis using guidelines that will be provided by the department. Thesis advisory committee members who are not designated as “readers” must still approve the draft thesis via a form that will be sent to them.
  5. It is the responsibility of the student and preceptor to ensure that any changes required by the thesis advisory committee members are included in the final thesis document.  Any significant changes must be approved by the readers prior to submission of the final copies of the thesis to the bindery and department.
  6. When all changes required by the thesis advisory committee have been completed, the student must electronically submit the thesis to the Thesis Office and to the departmental graduate program office.
  7. The thesis seminar should be scheduled to fall on a date at least two weeks after the thesis has been distributed to the thesis advisory committee members.
  8. A student is considered to have completed his or her degree requirements when the thesis has been approved by their committee, the thesis has been submitted to the Thesis Office, the thesis seminar has been presented, and the signed letter of dissertation approval has been delivered to the departmental office. The university considers student status to end upon receipt of a signed form from the Program Director to the Registrar's office stating that these requirements have been met. 

To view a .PDF file explaining how you can finish your thesis and program requirements in 6 easy steps, please click here.