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Kenneth W. Kinzler

Kenneth W. Kinzler

Department Affiliation: Oncology
Degree: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Rank: Professor
Telephone Number: 410-955-2928
Fax Number: 410-955-0548
School of Medicine Address: Room 588, Cancer Research Bldg., 1650 Orleans Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

Molecular genetics of human cancer

Dr. Kinzler’s laboratory has focused on the genetics of human cancer. They have identified a variety of genetic mutations that underlie cancer, including mutations of the APC pathway that appear to initiate the majority of colorectal cancers and IDH1/2 mutations that underlying many gliomas. In addition, they have developed a variety of powerful tools for analysis of expression and genetic alterations in cancer.  Most recently, they have pioneered integrated whole genome analyses of human cancers through expression, copy number, and mutational analyses of all the coding genes in several human cancer types including colorectal, breast, pancreatic and brain.  The identification of genetic differences between normal and tumor tissues provide new therapeutic targets, new opportunities for the early diagnosis of cancer, and important insights into the neoplastic process.

Representative Publications:

  • Parsons, D.W., Jones, S., Zhang, X., Lin, J.C., Leary, R.J., Angenendt, P., Mankoo, P., Carter, H., Siu, I.M., Gallia, G.L., Olivi, A., McLendon, R., Rasheed, B.A., Keir, S., Nikolskaya, T., Nikolsky, Y., Busam, D.A., Tekleab, H., Diaz, L.A., Jr., Hartigan, J., Smith, D.R., Strausberg, R.L., Marie, S.K., Shinjo, S.M., Yan, H., Riggins, G.J., Bigner, D.D., Karchin, R., Papadopoulos, N., Parmigiani, G., Vogelstein, B., Velculescu, V.E., and Kinzler, K.W.  An integrated genomic analysis of human glioblastoma multiforme. Science 321, 1807-1812, 2008. Pub Med Reference
  • Jones, S., Zhang, X., Parsons, D.W., Lin, J.C., Leary, R.J., Angenendt, P., Mankoo, P., Carter, H., Kamiyama, H., Jimeno, A., Hong, S.M., Fu, B., Lin, M.T., Calhoun, E.S., Kamiyama, M., Walter, K., Nikolskaya, T., Nikolsky, Y., Hartigan, J., Smith, D.R., Hidalgo, M., Leach, S.D., Klein, A.P., Jaffee, E.M., Goggins, M., Maitra, A., Iacobuzio-Donahue, C., Eshleman, J.R., Kern, S.E., Hruban, R.H., Karchin, R., Papadopoulos, N., Parmigiani, G., Vogelstein, B., Velculescu, V.E. and Kinzler, K.W.  Core Signaling Pathways in Human Pancreatic Cancers Revealed by Global Genomic Analyses. Science 321: 1801-1806, 2008. Pub Med Reference
  • He, Y., Vogelstein, B., Velculescu, V.E., Papadopoulos, N. and Kinzler, K.W.  The Antisense Transcriptomes of Human Cells. Science 322: 1855-1857, 2008. Pub Med Reference
  • Kinde, I., Wu, J., Papadopoulous, N., Kinzler, K.W. and Vogelstein, B.  Detection and quantification of rare mutations with massively parallel sequencing. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108:9530-9535, 2011. Pub Med Reference
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  • Bettegowda, C., Agrawal, N., Jiao, Y., Sausen, M., Wood, L.D., Hruban, R.H., Rodriguez, F.J., Cahill, D.P., McLendon, R., Riggins, G., Velculescu, V.E., Oba-Shinjo, S.M., Marie, S.K.N., Vogelstein, B., Bigner, D., Yan, H., Papadopoulos, N. and Kinzler, K.W.  Mutations in CIC and FUBP1 contribute to human oligodendrogliomas. Science 333: 1453-1455, 2011. Pub Med Reference
  • Diaz, L.A., Williams, R.T., Wu, J., Kinde, I., Hecht, J.R., Berlin, J., Allen, B., Bozic, I., Reiter, J.G., Nowak, M.A., Kinzler, K.W., Oliner, K.S. and Vogelstein, B.  The molecular evolution of acquired resistance to targeted EGFR blockade in colorectal cancers. Nature 486: 537-540, 2012. Pub Med Reference
  • Kinde, I., Bettegowda, C., Wang, Y., Wu, J., Agrawal, N., Shih, IeM., Kurman, R., Dao, F., Levine, D.A., Giuntoli, R., Roden, R., Eshleman, J.R., Carvalho, J.P., Marie, S.K., Papadopoulos, N., Kinzler, K.W., Vogelstein, B. and Diaz, L.A. Jr.  Evaluation of DNA from the papanicolaou test detect ovarian and endometrial cancers. Sci. Transl. Med. 5: 167ra4, 2013. Pub Med Reference
  • Vogelstein, B., Papadopoulos, N., Velculescu, V.E., Zhou, S., Diaz, L.A. Jr. and Kinzler, K.W.  Cancer genome landscapes. Science 339: 1546-1558, 2013. Pub Med Reference
  • Hoang, M.L., Chen, C.H., Sidorenko, V.S., He, J., Dickman, K.G., Yun, B.H., Moriya, M., Niknafs, N., Douville, C., Karchin, R., Turesky, R., J., Pu, Y.S., Vogelstein, B., Papadopoulous, N., Grollman, A.P., Kinzler, K.W. and Rosenquist, T.A.  Mutational signature of aristolochic acid exposure as revealed by whole-exome sequencing. Sci. Transl. Med. 5(197): 197ra102, 2013 Aug 7. Pub Med Reference 

Other graduate programs in which Dr. Kinzler participates:

Cellular and Molecular Medicine