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Orthopaedic Surgery
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Spine Surgery

Doctor reviews spine x-ray.

Johns Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery Spine Surgery Division

Our team is made up of orthopaedic surgeons and researchers who are specialists in the field.

Getting the Most out of Your Visit

Be sure that you know how to get to our office. For directions, click on the location names to the right.

What to Bring

  • Medical records, such as laboratory results and copies of X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, lab work and other studies, which may help the physician in his or her evaluation (This is especially true if you are being seen at Hopkins for the first time or have been referred by an outside physician.)

  • An insurance card or managed care medical referral (if your health insurance requires the referral)

  • Your New Patient Evaluation Form if one has been sent to you by your surgeon’s office

  • A list of the medications you are taking (including name, doses and frequency of doses)

  • A list of your medical history, such as previous hospitalizations, previous surgeries and conditions for which you are currently being followed by another doctor

Also bring the name and contact information of your referring doctor so that the spine surgery team can send along copies of the note from your clinic visit, as well as other information if you desire.

If possible, wear loose clothing that is easy to take off and put on, so that the physician may more easily examine the part of your body that is bothering you. For example, shorts are helpful for problems of the lower extremities. Obviously, weather may affect what you can wear.

Overview of the Clinic Visit

Upon arrival, you will first be seen at the registration desk. There, we will verify your personal and insurance information. You will proceed to the waiting area and then to an exam room. During this time you will be asked questions concerning your health and the reason you are seeing the physician.

You may be examined by a physician's assistant, nurse practitioner or orthopaedic resident before you are seen by your surgeon.

If X-rays are needed, we will take them during your office visit.

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