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Physicians and Staff

The Multiple Sclerosis Center at Johns Hopkins believes in a team approach. In addition to providing a comprehensive neurological evaluation and interpretation of MRI studies, we involve nursing, physical therapy and social work assessments as needed.


Photo of Dr. Daniel Becker, MD

Becker, Daniel, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology
Director of the Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury Unit
Photo of Dr. Peter Arthur Calabresi, MD

Calabresi, Peter Arthur, MD

Professor of Neurology
Director, Division of Neuroimmunology
Director, the Johns Hopkins Multiple Sclerosis Center
Photo of Dr. Daniel Mendel Harrison, MD

Harrison, Daniel Mendel, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology
Photo of Dr. Justin McArthur, MBBS

McArthur, Justin, MBBS

Professor of Neurology
Professor of Medicine
Professor of Pathology
Director, Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology
Professor of Neurology, Pathology, Epidemiology and Medicine
Photo of Dr. Ellen Mahar Mowry, MD

Mowry, Ellen Mahar, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology
Photo of Dr. Scott Douglas Newsome, DO

Newsome, Scott Douglas, DO

Assistant Professor of Neurology
Director, Neurology Outpatient Services
Director, Optical Coherence Tomography Clinic
Director, Neurology Outpatient Infusion Center
Photo of Dr. Carlos A Pardo-Villamizar, MD

Pardo-Villamizar, Carlos A, MD

Associate Professor of Neurology
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Photo of Dr. John Nolan Ratchford, MD

Ratchford, John Nolan, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology
Photo of Dr. Nicoline Schiess, MD

Schiess, Nicoline, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology
Photo of Dr. Arun Venkatesan, MD PhD

Venkatesan, Arun, MD PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurology
Associate Director, Neurology Residency Program


Photo of Dr. Adam Ian Kaplin, MD

Kaplin, Adam Ian, MD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Assistant Professor of Neurology


Costello, Kathleen
Albright, Kristy
Augsburger, Amanda
Baynes, Moira
Uchil, Alpa

For more information, contact the Johns Hopkins Multiple Sclerosis Center at 410-614-1522.


Multiple Sclerosis Research

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Looking Forward

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