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Hadie Adams, MD

Research Fellow
Co-Director, Neuro-Oncology Surgical Outcomes Laboratory

Dr. Hadie Adams received his medical degree with honors from the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam in 2009. He joined the lab in December 2009 and is currently the co-director of the 'Neuro-Oncology Surgical Outcomes Laboratory'.

His clinical interest includes neuro-oncology and, specifically, surgical treatment of malignant astrocytomas.

Dr. Adams's current research projects include:

  • Population based studies of malignant astrocytomas
  • Development of semi-automated brain tumor segmentation software
  • Use of statistical models to reduce bias in 'Extent of Resection' studies
  • Minimizing variability in volumetric 'Extent of Resection' studies

His current collaborative research projects include:

  • Multivariate analyses of clinical and functional data in genomic databases (in collaboration with the Neurosurgery Brain Tumor Stem Cell Lab)
  • PET Imaging and its intraoperative use in glioma surgery (In collaboration with the Department of Nuclear Medicine)
  • Human Brain Protein MR Imaging and Spectroscopy (in collaboration with the Department of Radiology)

Dr. Adams is currently supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and VSBFonds.


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