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The NIMH Center for Novel Therapeutics of HIV-associated Cognitive Disorders

The Johns Hopkins National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Center for Novel Therapeutics of HIV-associated Cognitive Disorders is funded by NIMH Grant # P30MH075673.

The Johns Hopkins NIMH Center is comprised of an interdisciplinary research team who has pooled their talents to study the nature of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND). Their aim is to translate discoveries of the pathophysiological mechanisms into novel therapeutics for HAND.


  • To integrate aspects of ongoing research in HAND and SIV encephalitis
  • Develop high-throughput and screening assays for identifying novel therapeutic compounds
  • Use proteomics and lipidomics approaches to indentifying surrogate markers of disease activity
  • Disseminate information and education about HAND through existing and new educational systems, including the JHU AIDS Education Training Center and the JHU Center for Global Clinical Education
  • Facilitate the entry of new investigators into Neuro-AIDS research, and to catalyze new areas of research, particularly where relevant for drug discovery or the development of validated surrogate markers
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The Johns Hopkins NIMH Center newsletter

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