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Research and Clinical Trials

Brain Tumor Center Research Areas

  • The Brain Tumor Center benefits from the extensive brain tumor research resources at Johns Hopkins. The translation of laboratory research to the bedside offers the best possible adjuvant treatment following surgery. Learn more about ongoing brain tumor research at Johns Hopkins.

Cerebrovascular Center Research Areas

  • These studies’ findings will lead to better patient outcomes through improved diagnosis, individualized treatment, and recovery for patients who have suffered from stroke and other cerebrovascular conditions. Learn more about ongoing cerebrovascular research at Johns Hopkins.

Multiple Sclerosis Research Areas

  • Multiple sclerosis related research is active worldwide because the underlying cause of this devastating disease still remains unknown. Existing treatment strategies are only partially effective, leaving a desire for new therapies. Learn more about multiple sclerosis research at Johns Hopkins.

Neuro-AIDS Research Areas

  • The Johns Hopkins NIMH Center for Novel Therapeutics of HIV-Associated Cognitive Disorders is comprised of an experienced interdisciplinary research team who have pooled their talents to study the nature of HIV-associated cognitive disorders. Their aim is to translate discoveries of the pathophysiological mechanisms into novel therapeutics for HIV-associated dementia (HIV-D). Another major aim of the Center is to encourage high-risk, innovative ‘developmental’ research, especially of a cross-disciplinary nature to new investigators. Developmental grant awards are distributed yearly. Learn more about neuro-AIDS research at Johns Hopkins.

Pediatric Neurosurgery Research Areas

  • The division of Pediatric Neurosurgery is active in all aspects of clinical and basic science research. Our clinical research is focused on outcome and quality improvement in the management of hydrocephalus, craniosynostosis, achondroplasia, epilepsy and tumors. Learn more about pediatric neurosurgery research at Johns Hopkins.

Project RESTORE Research Areas

  • As centers of excellence in two rare neuroimmunologic diseases (MS & TM), our first goal is to work towards developing a better understanding of the natural history of these diseases, thereby diagnosing and treating patients accurately and efficiently. Learn more about Project RESTORE at Johns Hopkins.

Sleep Research Areas

  • Through a cognitive neuroscience approach, our research aims to understand fundamental functions of sleep, particularly as they influence cognition (e.g., memory, perception, attention and performance) in healthy sleep, healthy aging, and in brain diseases and sleep disorders. Learn more about our sleep research.

Transverse Myelitis Research Areas

  • The Johns Hopkins Transverse Myelitis Center has numerous research studies that are currently underway. We have evaluated over 450 patients since the center was established. Learn more about transverse myelitis research at Johns Hopkins.

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