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Neurology and Neurosurgery Podcasts

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Listen!The Surgical Benefits of the Intraoperative MRI
Dr. Jon Weingart explains how the use of the iMRI technology and brain navigation can lead to better surgical outcomes.
Jon Weingart
Listen!Stroke: Research and Recovery
Neurologist Dr. Steven Zeiler talks about meaningful brain recovery, the stroke research being conducted at Johns Hopkins and when rehabilitation should begin.
Steven Zeiler
Listen!Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Neurosurgeon Dan Sciubba, M.D., talks about the advantages of endoscopic spine surgery and for whom it's appropriate.
Daniel Sciubba
Listen!Deep Brain Stimulation and Movement Disorders
Neurosurgeon W. Stanley Anderson, M.D., discusses medical therapies and surgical option (deep brain stimulation) for movement disorders including dystonia and Parkinson's.
W. Stanley Anderson
Listen!Pediatric Brain Tumors
Pediatric neurosurgeon, George Jallo, M.D. speaks about the treatment options available to families of children who have been diagnosed with a brain tumor.
George Jallo
Listen!Adult Epilepsy Surgery 
Neurosurgeon W. Stanley Anderson, M.D., talks about surgical treatment options for adults with epilepsy.
W. Stanley Anderson
Listen!Brain Surgery — Awake Craniotomy 
Neurosurgeon Dr Alfredo Quinones talks about awake craniotomy brain surgery.
Alfredo Quinones
Listen!Back Pain — Surgical Treatment 
Discussion with Dr Ali Bydon on low (lumbar) back pain.
Ali Bydon
Listen!Brain Cancers and Tumors
Dr Jon Weingart explains the most common types of brain tumors, their treatment, and the research that may help in their treatment.
Jon Weingart
Listen!Brain Tumor Types: Metastasized Brain Cancer
Neurosurgeon Michael Lim discusses metastasized brain cancer and available treatment options.
Michael Lim
Listen!Brain Tumor Types: Pituitary Tumors
Endocrinologist Roberto Salvatori talks about pituitary tumors and treatment options.
Roberto Salvatori
Listen!Brain Tumor Types: Low-Grade Gliomas
Neurosurgeon Dr Jon Weingart discusses low grade gliomas.
Jon Weingart
Listen!Brain Tumor Treatment — Johns Hopkins' Team Approach
Neurosurgeon Alessandro Olivi discusses his team’s multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of brain tumors.
Alex Olivi
Listen!Brain Tumor Surgery — Endonasal endoscopic surgery for skull base tumors
Neurosurgeon Gary Gallia, talks about minimally invasive endoscopic surgery for skull base brain tumors.
Gary Gallia
Listen!Brachial Plexus Injury and Treatment
Dr Allan Belzberg describes the brachial plexus nerve system and how to treat an injury to this complex nerve system
Allan Belzberg
Listen!Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery
Neurosurgeon Alexander Coon discusses cerebrovascular neurosurgery, aneurysms, stroke, moyamoya, and their treatment options.
Alexander Coon
Listen!Cerebrovascular Disorders: Aneurysms, Unruptured Aneurysms, and AVMs
Neurosurgeon Judy Huang discusses the detection and treatment of cerebrovascular conditions, including aneurysms and AVMs.
Judy Huang
Listen!Chiari Malformation
Pediatric neurosurgeon George Jallo explain chiari malformation.
George Jallo
Listen!Degenerative Spine Conditions
Dr Tim Witham discusses treatment alternatives for lumbar (lower back) and cervical spine conditions.
Tim Witham
Listen!Encephalitis Center
Dr Arun Venkatesan talks about the Johns Hopkins Encephalitis Center and what it’s doing to better diagnose and treat encephalitis.
Arun Venkatesan
Listen!Epilepsy Treatment
Dr Greg Bergey discusses surgery for the treatment of epilepsy.
Greg Bergey
Listen!How to Choose a Neurosurgeon
Dr Henry Brem explains the importance of choosing the right neurosurgeon.
Henry Brem
Listen!How to Choose a Spine Surgeon
Dr Ziya Gokaslan discusses how to choose a spine surgeon.
Ziya Gokaslan
Neurosurgeon Daniele Rigamonti discusses normal pressure hydrocephalus.
Daniele Rigamonti
Listen!Pediatric Epilepsy
Retired Johns Hopkins neurologist, Dr. Patty Vining, discusses the diagnosis and management of childhood epilepsy at Johns Hopkins.
Patti Vining
Listen!Pediatric Hydrocephalus
Dr Jallo explains what hydrocephalus is, how it is diagnosed, and the treatment options available.
George Jallo
Listen!Plagiocephaly and Craniosynostosis
Pediatric neurosurgeon Edward Ahn, MD, talks about positional plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis in infants.
Edward Ahn



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