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Current Residents in Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins

Class of 2015
PGY- 7 Chief Residents

Mohamad Bydon, MD
 Mohamad Bydon
Kaisorn Chaichana, MD
Kaisorn Chaichana
Jason Liauw
  Jason Liauw

Class of 2016
PGY- 6 Assistant Residents

Justin Caplan, MD.
  Justin Caplan
Jennifer Cheng, MD
Jennifer Cheng
Larry Lo, MD
Sheng-fu (Larry) Lo

Class of 2017
PGY- 5 Assistant Residents

Dr. Benjamin Elder
    Benjamin Elder
Dr. Rory Goodwin
     Rory Goodwin
Dr. Thomas Kosztowski
Thomas Kosztowski

Class of 2018
PGY- 4 Assistant Residents

Dr. Chikezie Eseonu
  Chikezie Eseonu
Dr. Tomas Garzon-Muvdi
Tomas Garzon-Muvdi
Dr. Brian Hwang
   Brian Hwang

Class of 2019
PGY- 3 Assistant Residents

Dr. Matthew Bender
  Matthew Bender
Dr. Rajiv Iyer
Rajiv  Iyer

Class of 2020
PGY- 2 Assistant Residents

Dr. Christopher Jackson
  Chris Jackson
Dr. Bowen Jiang
      Bowen Jiang
Dr. Camilo Molina
     Camilo Molina
Dr. Teresa Wojtasiewicz
Teresa Wojtasiewicz

Class of 2021
PGY- 1 Interns

Dr. Christina Jackson
Christina Jackson
Dr. David McMullen
   David McMullen
Dr. Erick Westbroek
   Erick Westbroek

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