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Graduates of the Hopkins Neurology Residency

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Class of 2002
Agnieszka ArdeltPosition Post-Residency: 
Fellow, Neurocritical Care, Johns Hopkins
Current Position:  Faculty, University of Chicago
Director, Neurocritical Care Research Laboratory

Connie ChenPosition Post-Residency:
Fellow, Neurocritical Care, Johns Hopkins
Current Position:  Private Practice, Dallas, TX

Dorothy ChungPosition Post-Residency: 
Fellow, Vascular Neurology, Johns Hopkins
Current Position:  

John de GrootPosition Post-Residency:
Fellow, Neuro-oncology, University of Texas, Houston
Current Position:  Faculty, University of Texas, Houston

Adam FleisherPosition Post-Residency:
Fellow, Neurogeriatrics, UCSD
Current Position:  Faculty, UCSD

Tyler Reimshisel
(Pediatric Neurology)
Position Post-Residency:
Fellow, Pediatric Genetics, Johns Hopkins
Current Position:  Faculty, Vanderbilt University

Kaleb Yohay
(Pediatric Neurology)
Position Post-Residency:  Faculty, Johns Hopkins
Current Position:  Faculty, Weill Medical College