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Faculty Name



Research Interest

Johns Hopkins University

Amanda Brown, MD, PhD



Mechanisms of HIV persistence in macrophages

Janice Clements, PhD


Comparative Medicine

Molecular Virology and Viral Pathogenesis of SIV Models

Norman Haughey, PhD

Associate Professor


Pathogenesis of central nervous system complications associated with HIV and AIDS

Joseph Mankowski, PhD


Comparative Medicine

Pathogenesis of HIV-induces CNS, PNS and heart disease using the SIV/macaque model

Justin C McArthur, MD, MBBS, MPH


Neurology, Epidemiology

Neurological manifestations of HIV infection; neuroepidemiology, therapeutic development, clinical trial design, studies of pathogenesis

Carlos Pardo, MD

Associate Professor

Neurology, Pathology

Neuropathology and Immunopathology of AIDS associated neurological disorders

Ned Saktor, MD



HIV dementia epidemiology, surrogate markers, pathogenesis, and treatment

M. Christine Zink, DVM, PhD


Comparative Medicine

Pathogenesis od primate lentiviral diseases as models of HIV-1 infection

Monique Stins, PhDAssistant ProfessorNeurology

The blood-brain-barrier in neurological infections including HIV and malaria

Holly Taylor, PhDAssociate ProfessorPublic Health, Berman Institute of BioethicsImplementation of federal policy relevant to the conduct of human subject research with particular emphasis on HIV infection
Donna Vogel, MD, PhDDirectorOffice of Professional DevelopmentCareer development and mentoring for students, postdoctoral fellows and early career scientists
Jashri Blakeley, MDAssociate ProfessorNeurologyBrain tumors and neurofibromatosis, clinical trials

Other Participating Sites: University of Puerto Rico, University of Hawaii, Washington University, Boston College, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of San Diego, and NIH/NINDS

Loyda Melendez, PhD


Microbiology, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus

Surrogate markers for HIV dementia

Valerie Wojna, MD


Neurology, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus

Neuroendocrine axis in HIV dementia

Linda Chang, MD


Neurology and Radiology, University of Hawaii

PET and MRI/MRS in HIV dementia and drug abuse

Vivek Nerurkar, MD


Microbiology, Tropical Medicine, University of Hawaii

Molecular epidemiology of HIV and JC Virus

Bruce Shiramizu, MD


Medicine, University of Hawaii

AIDS lymphomas, CSF in HIV dementia

Beau Ances, MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorNeurology, Washington UniversityNeuroimaging in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
Scott Letendre, MDProfessorMedicine, University of San DiegoImpact of HIV and HCV on neuropsychological performance, biomarker discovery, and pharmacology and effectiveness of antiretrovirals
Kenneth Williams, PhDProfessorNeurology, Boston CollegeCentral nervous system macrophages and role in neuropathogenesis using non-human primate models
Suad Kapetanovic, MDAssociate Deputy Clinical DirectorClinical Neuroscience, NINDS/NIHPsychiatric aspects of HIV/AIDS
Shilpa Buch, PhDProfessorNeuroscience, University of NebraskaHIV neuropathogenesis and drugs of abuse
Kurt Hauser, PhDProfessorPharmacology, Virginia Commonwealth UniversityDrug abuse and central nervous system plasticity with an emphasis on neuroAIDS
Joseph Steiner, PhDHeadUnit of Neurotherapeutics, NINDS/NIHDrug development for neuroprotective agents for HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
Avindra Nath, MDDirectorClinical Neurosciences, NINDS/NIHBasic and clinical investigation of the neuropathogenesis of HIV infection

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