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Neurology/Neurosurgyer photo montage
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Clinical Neurophysiology Program Faculty

Program Director:  Ronald P. Lesser, MD
Co-Director:  Nathan E. Crone, MD


  • Gregory K. Bergey, MD
    Epilepsy Division Director
  • Nathan E. Crone, MD
    Co-Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship Program
  • Mackenzie Cervenka, MD
  • Adam Hartman, MD
  • Sarah Kelley, MD
  • Eric Kossoff, MD
  • Gregory L. Krauss, MD
  • Ronald P. Lesser, MD
    Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship Program
  • Kimberly Pargeon, MD, MA
  • Robert Webber, PhD

Intraoperative Monitoring

  • Daniel Becker, MD
  • Zoltan Mari, MD
  • Eva Ritzl, MD
    Director, Division of Intraoperative Monitoring

Sleep Medicine

  • Jeffrey Ellenbogen, MD
  • Charlene Gamaldo, MD
  • Rachel Salas, MD
  • Mark Wu, MD, PhD


  • Vinay Chaudhry, MD
  • David Cornblath, MD
  • Andrea Corse, MD
  • Thomas Crawford, MD
  • Daniel Drachman, MD
  • Ahmet Hoke, MD, PhD
  • Thomas Lloyd, MD, PhD
  • Andrew Mammen, MD, PhD
  • Nicholas Maragakis, MD
  • Brett Morrison, MD, PhD
  • Richard O'Brien, MD, PhD
  • Lyle Ostrow, MD, PhD
  • Michael Polydefkis, MD
  • Jeffrey Rothstein, MD, PhD
  • Charlotte Sumner, MD

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