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Neurology/Neurosurgyer photo montage
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Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship

Clinical Neurophysiology (CN) is an area of medicine in which selected neurologic disorders involving central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems and muscles are assessed, monitored, and treated by a combination of clinical evaluation and electrophysiologic testing.

This one-year training program in CN at Johns Hopkins emphasizes evaluation of the brain, especially in patients with epilepsy. There also is particular exposure to sleep disorders and polysomnography, and to intraoperative monitoring and evoked potentials, as well as instruction regarding motor and sensory nerve conduction studies, diagnostic electromyography, single-fiber electromyography, electrodiagnostic movement disorder assessment, testing of motor and sensory reflexes, and testing of the autonomic functions.

Fellows usually have completed an accredited Residency in Neurology or Child Neurology.  Physicians having completed an accredited residency in General Psychiatry or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation are also eligible to apply.