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The Transverse Myelitis Center

The Johns Hopkins Transverse Myelitis Center was the first center in the US and the world dedicated to the diagnosis, clinical management and research of transverse myelitis. A team of neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, neuropsychiatrists, neurosurgeons, neuro-ophthalmologists, therapists and other scientists facilitate the evaluation and management of patients affected by transverse myelitis.

By partnering with physicians throughout Johns Hopkins Medicine, we provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of transverse myelitis and maximize treatment, recovery and function in our patients.


The Johns Hopkins Transverse Myelitis Center is also uniquely committed to linking those who need treatment with those who provide it. By sharing advances in research and treatment — and the impact they have had on those being treated—our partnership with patients becomes that much stronger. Please visit Project RESTORE to learn more.

To make an appointment or request a consultation, please call 410-502-7099, option 1.


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