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Research Areas

Sleep and Memory Plasticity

We are looking for people ages 18 to 45 interested in participating in research studies investigating sleep and memory plasticity in voluntary movements.

There are currently projects in which you can earn between $20 (one session of 45 minutes) up to $100 (three sessions of 4.5 hours total).

If you choose to participate, we will try to work as best we can with your schedule.

Please contact: Rachel Salas or Joseph Galea at the Sleep Disorders Center, at 443-287-3313.

HIV Infection and Sleep

Principal Investigator: Charlene Gamaldo, MD
Protocol Number: NA_00014130

HIV+ male and female volunteers are needed for a research study on HIV infection and sleep. Participants will undergo memory testing, sensory testing and an overnight sleep study. Daily activity cycle will be monitored for 2 weeks as an outpatient. Participants will be asked to maintain a two week sleep diary and will receive compensation.
Basic study requirements:

  • HIV positive
  • Not currently using illicit drugs
  • Not on sustiva

For more information and to find out if you are eligible, please contact Gilbert Mbeo at 410.614.7979.


Circadian Rhythms

What makes one person greet the day with smiles and energy, and another hide under the covers until the last possible moment? It's a combination of genetics, the environment and our lifestyle choices, says sleep specialist Mark Wu.
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